During the night I wasn’t particular tired so the time was spent experimenting putting myself into a meditative state to see how the body would react and see how long the lump in my throat would stop bothering me. When I attained a meditative state I started to see some activity through the eyes of somebody else that either lived in the room and is still going about with their business or there was some type of contact with a spirit.

I wasn’t alone, both my roomies and myself were in the room. I saw a shadowy silhouette figure and it started to talk to me. The figure said, “its funny how there are a lot of spiritual activity going on in this room.” The figure asked me if I experienced any spiritual activity and that he had experienced such activity. I gave him a response which I cannot fully recall or perhaps my response was communicated through my thoughts and the figure picked up on the energetic experience.  Then the figure said that he first came here in 1881 and that he was the only one of his kind that was in this location. The figure did not reveal where he came from. Then the figure walked over to where roomie #1 was sleeping and laid down above rommie #1’s head as though he was laying on a bunk, except for his body was pointing to the west of where roomie #1’s body was pointing; both heads occupied the same space.  When the figure laid down and disappeared, I saw that roomie #1 became restless and started to move about. After that I saw that there was another figure in the room; there was no conversation with the 2nd figure, I saw that the 2nd figure went to the location where roomie #2 was and laid down in that bunk the same way that the 1st figure did with roomie#1. After the 2nd figure disappeared I saw that roomie #2 had the same physical reaction.

I found myself outside standing next to a lamppost waiting in a line. I saw that the lamp on top of lamppost was not lit.  When I was visual inspecting the lamppost, I saw that it needed a flame in order to make it work. I had asked for some matches I got a feeling to open the hatch on the lamppost’s front base. When I opened the hatch I found that there was carbon or sulfur that would keep the flame burning. There was some trouble lighting the lamp, however I had found a way to do it. When the lamp was lit it was not very bright. Then I saw the first figure that was talking to me; he had some books in his hand, like he was a student attending the institution at West Point or some other institution.

Other events happened but it seems that I was not allowed to fully recall the events. What I do recall is too fragmented to make any conscious sense..

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  1. Hello True George,

    Now those are the kind of details that I like to hear, conversations and interactions with entities / dream characters et cetera during experiences like that, those specific details can be hard to remember at times.

    I am glad that you noticed and remember the reactions of your sleeping roommates.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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