The Street

It was 2130 when I arrived at home and shortly after that I started the Silvia centering exercise with the alpha sound tap. When the exercise started I found that it was easy for me to get into the relaxation mode to the point where I had felt myself being separate from the physical body.

 While I was floating outside the physical body I thought my father came into the other room, and that this session might be interrupted. However, once outside of the body I explored my own room. I stood up on the bed, I saw my reflection in the mirror, and then I went to the side table, and saw a magazine. I decided to put the magazine on the floor to see if that event would carry over to the physical.

I saw the cat, I chased the cat back to the living room, and then I had picked up the cat without touching it. I put the cat in the armchair. It looked like the cat wanted to hide, I saw a cloth wrap around the cat, and it hid the cat. In the physical world there was no cloth on the chair where I put the cat.

 I returned to my room, and went out the window to the street. Once in the street, I was floating above it and I saw a shadow of myself, with light illuminating from the silver cord. I looked back, and I saw the silver cord’s trail leading from my window. As I moved forward I began to notice the weather.

The weather was windy, and the streets were damp with snow deposits. In the physical world the street were clear, and warm with no wind. I touched the ground and started to walk; the street was deserted, I noticed that some of the buildings appeared older than they were in the physical world. I decided to go into one of the apartments to observe the people who lived there. I found that it was harder to float, then as I was about to go into an apartment, a man  appeared; he was saying something, and I saw that two women appeared, one was an older woman, and all three of them were wearing old clothes. I found that I could not float, and energetic self-defense of  repelling the three people, was not working. I was in the middle of them (they were standing in a circle), then I made an energetic discharged from my palms, and then I saw that the older woman started to sneeze, and the sneezing had spread to the others, after that something was said in the induction that made the scenery disappear.

It was the first time that I had observed the silver cord. The street appeared dark, as though it was nighttime, with light provided by the street light posts. It was nighttime in the physical world

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