It had to be around 0300 I had arrived at Fort Dix, New Jersey from NYC. I was lying down and looking at the ceiling when I noticed a shadow of a figure; it was as though there was someone walking around in the room. When I looked round the room I saw no one; then I saw that the computer bag and the surge protection receptors were moving unassisted.

 I could see everything clear there was some illumination of light. I thought nothing of it, and then after I turned around, I realized that something was strange. I looked at the location of the computer bag without my glasses and I saw that with my bad eyesight I could not see anything, and the room was still dark.

But I heard what sounded like someone moving around, I also heard myself snoring, I decided to keep watching to see if I could see anybody;  again, I saw no one. I turned around going back to sleep, it was not too long before I heard the door rattle, I thought to myself, the Captain (my roommate who never stays in the room), must have an early appointment. I saw a figure come into the room, and I saw some bags placed on the floor, then I saw a person with a military look; he looked at me, and said “hello,” perhaps it was a face that I recognized. Then I had a strange feeling that the room was rearranged, there were two other bunks, and all the single beds became bunk beds. Three other people were assigned to the room.

One was a young soldier who could not speak, he had a note, at this time I did not have my normal appearance, I was playing the role of a nurse. It seemed that extra physical beings wanted to make contact with me. There was an unusually coldness in the room, I saw the appearance of a boy, as well as an appearance of an adult male. I did not hear any messages. Just a feeling that they wanted to share that they were around.

Then I went outside the room, where the head of the dorm was saying he knows that there were entities in the room, and that is why my room was not kept clean. Then as I was walking through the hall way, a figure in a picture called to me, and he took me by the arm and pulled me into his picture world, and said that I am being allowed to come into the picture world.

 After he showed me the world in that picture, I climbed out of the picture frame, as I was walking down the hallway again; other figures in the other picture gave me their recognition. Then the mother of the boy who was in my room, came and took me into her picture world. Her picture world was the same as the one I had been to, except it was being submerged in water; she said that she does not drown, but everything else is under water, and asked me not to return the boy to her because he would only end up in the disaster. So I guess that the boy would have to stay in the room.

Before I went back to the room, I was going to clean up a mess on the table that I made; I found that the figures in the pictures cleaned up the mess for me. At another occasion, I was in the hallway, and the head of the dorm said that I was making a mess; he said that he could understand the mess in my room, because I cannot control the presence of the entities, but he came into my room, and he went to an unoccupied bed disturbing it.  I saw that a picture was placed in the bed by some extra physical entities. The picture was not to be disturbed, but the head of the dorm disturbed the picture, and the figures in the picture were not pleased. They were dressed in black; they came out of the picture, surrounded the dorm head, and took him away. It was the last that anyone had seen the dorm head.

 This was a strange experience, perhaps events happened which was too distorted to make conscious sense also took place, however I cannot help feeling that the extra physical beings were making me be aware of their presence.

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