Visual Enhancement

It was 7:30 pm when I started doing an exercise from the Silva Remote Viewing course; I turned the light off, and lit a candle; and along with the lap top computer’s light illuminating the background I put on the frequency tap. In this instance the frequency tap for this visualization enhancement exercise was theta. The beginning of the exercise calls for us to visualize being in front of our home. First I could see the building on where I reside clearly. I could only focus on half of the building not the whole building, I could only see the first two floors; there was a light that looked like a star coming from the first floor window; then the whole scene changed to the house where I used to live when I was younger.

 I could see the entire structure of the house; first how it appeared when my family moved out and left it; then it appeared like it had some work done on it to make it look more modern. I went to the entry tunnel to the back gate to see if the markings I made were still were engraved on the wall. I could see one of the cravings, but the rest was not there, they were covered up. It was like it was covered up with letters. I then came around back up front, and was in front of the next door neighbor’s house. The owner of that house at the point in time when I used to live next door to her was an old lady, she has probably passed away by now. There were lots of letters on the ground, I picked one up, it had a return address that looked like a return address of the house, it seemed that the letters were not delivered to the address where it was supposed to go, it was returned to the sender, yet no one lived in the house to collect the mail so it is just being piled up on the front stairs.

 Then I found myself sitting in my bedroom room, then I heard the door open; it was my Mother and Sister and they were with some relatives. My thoughts were, “what are they doing here?” Then I heard them saying “what is he doing?” Then my Sister went to the lap top computer and started to move it, she put it on the floor and was closing it with her foot. Then my Mother came to my side and attempted to shake me out of the trance state. She threw pepper on me, I could smell the pepper, but it did not sting.

The epiphany came to me and I realized that this was not my Mother or my Sister;  I was totality aware of my location and that my Mother’s and Sister’s location was are far away and it would take hours to travel where there are. I realized that those nuisance entities have taken their form in an attempt to break my trace state. I don’t know why these entities are always attempting to hinder my progression when it comes to getting in touch with my essence.

 I grabbed the arm of the entity, and I made it back up by saying “poof” and waved my arm. They seemed afraid and backed up; there were two other male entities in front of me who looked like they wanted to attack. By this time I had lost track of the exercise induction. I also waved my arms and said “poof” to the two entities in front of me and they backed up. But the two females at the side was coming forward, so I created a M249 automatic machine gun and shot at them, they all backed up, however when I stopped shooting the weapon, the two quickly came forward, and bit my hands, Ironically physically I felt some type of pressure where they had bitten. Then they disappeared at that the same time the induction ended and I was out of state.

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