Girlfriend’s Sister

I was at my girlfriend FT’s house; during the evening her sister MR left the apartment. I’m not sure how long it was before she came back.  I was lying on the sofa, and I heard the door bell ring; and then I heard MR’s voice. She came into the living room and sat on the sofa next to me and she put my head on her lap. Then she opened her legs; I saw that she had on a long skirt that had reached her ankles.

 For a brief moment I was awaken out of the in between sleep and awake state; when that happened I found that MR was not sitting on the sofa, and she was nowhere near the living room.

This is when I realized, that an extra physical being had taken her form, perhaps to get next to me to replenish its energy. The other conclusion was that maybe she was there and the event happened, but since I was in a semi-conscious state, never paid her any mind.

This is one of those things that I won’t even bring up in a conversation with FT or MR. FT already thinks that the main reason I’m with her is because of the sex, not that she isn’t complaining, but she believes that given the opportunity, I will seduce MR and sleep with her too. MR thinks the same thing. I guess that is the mentality of women from the Dominican Republic.   

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