Bucket Lists Are Overated

Why do you need a bucket list? I know it is a list of things you want to do before you kick that bucket. Again why do you need a bucket list? Well you see in my view you don’t really need a bucket list. First off, if you really wanted to do something then why don’t you just put it on your agenda. It is about goal setting. When I read a bucket list that someone makes public, the problem is they are always putting something on that list that they dream of doing, sometimes it is not realistic. Other times the bucket list is something they want to do but don’t really plan to do it. Thus, that bucket list is never going to be fulfilled.

I suppose some people feel they have to nothing to live for except for work, school and raising the kids. I say if you are a well-rounded human being there will always be something that you are striving for. When one goal is fulfilled then another one is made. So now if someone manages to do everything on their bucket list, well I guess he or she feels that they can now kick the bucket. Don’t strive for kicking the bucket you will be surprised that if you strive for something you may find it will manifest in ways that you don’t want and least expect.

If you want to make a once in a life time must do list, why not call it a “life list.” Live for that adventure you want to take, enjoy life, yeah, you can climb a mountain, go scuba diving, throw an egg at Donald Trump, join ISIS or even bang every chick that you meet, and when you attain those goals Make another one just as thrilling.  Buckets are only good to carry sand or dirty laundry.


Kick It


  1. Hello George. I like the selection of topics that you choose to write about. I do love the neatness of your website; the layout really directs people to read an article. I came here from commenting bootcamp.



  2. Well said True George, I agree, I do not have a bucket list either so I did not have much to say in response to this Daily Prompt; but I like how you put more time and effort into your response to this Daily Prompt than I did. 👍

    -John Jr

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