Taking Flight

 It was 12 O’clock when the lights were turned off; I have to be up at 2:30am to do the run to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. As while laying down I had this experience, which I recognized has a projection.

 It started when I found myself floating in an environment that was dark and it was outside. I decided to see how fast I could fly,  I started to pick up speed going faster and faster, I wondered if I could break the time barrier. I got the idea from reading how superman time traveled in the comic books. Going at a good fast speed, I finally saw a scenery, it was a body of water, perhaps a lake or ocean; there were no buildings only trees, I believed that I accomplished the time travel. I thought that I traveled to the past before the buildings as we know it were constructed. I wanted to stop and look at the environment, but I could not stop, I slowed down and grabbed one of the tree branches so that I could stop, however there was a force that was still propelling me forward and grabbing the tree only succeed in braking the branch.

The force propelled me out of the environment, finally my speed was slowed down, but I found myself in a void where I could see layers of light;  like the opening in the middle of a hurricane. I looked down below and saw layers of worlds; I looked up and saw more layers. I decided to see how far upwards I could go, I shot upwards, passing layers and layers, as I went up further.

 I saw what resembled a doomed roof, and there were some beings looking down. I thought this odd, so I went right to the roof and grabbed one of the beings by its neck. I observed its body, and looked at its face; it resembled the aliens I saw in a UFO book. Then three other beings came down towards my location, it looked like they were coming to rescue the being that I had. So I was dodging them, eventually they caught me and were prying my hand open to get it off the beings neck. I shot a pulse of energy from the palm of my freed hand, it repelled them, and they moved back. I saw that I was energetically more powerful than them.

I released the being, and decided to get back to my own realm. As I dived moving downwards, the straight line had become zig zag line, the layers of world moved in a position that I would have to enter the environment in order to go through the tunnel. Each of these environments had lights that resembled a city. I stopped at one, as I looked around I saw a humanoid figure, he started to tell me that they seen what I have done, and that the beings at the top were upset because I grabbed one of their prettiest females. I looked at the humanoid figure, and saw that he had some sort of tentacles that resembled and an octopus; the tentacles were coming out of his side under his arms. I left that realm, and continued downwards, until I got up, at 1:45 am.        

© 2019 All Rights Reserved


  1. Hello True George,

    I like that image that you picked for this post.

    Do you remember how you were controlling your flying and flying speed?

    This was quite a strange but interesting flying dream, it sounds like you flew faster than I ever have, thank you for sharing.

    Speaking of flying, have you seen the Amazon Prime Video web television show The Boys (Season 1) yet?

    If not, I definitely recommend it, it is not family friendly though; it is like the Game Of Thrones of superhero shows, and is the best superhero show that I have probably seen.

    -John Jr

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