The Bank Job

While I progressed in my practice of the 7th path hypnosis program and receiving the first recognition, which is “my spirit renews my life;” I did an induction to relax the body, and when I was relaxed enough I started to get the following echo:

First as the words of the induction was being said; “The same type of relaxation you have in your eyelids, is the same type of relaxation you want in your body, now send that wave of relaxation from the top of your head to the tip of your toes….”  The instruction was followed and I sent the wave which I recognized it to be a wave of energy.  After I sent that wave of energy I started to see images of people, it seemed they were coming from my body. My thoughts were perhaps they were beings that are attached to me. However, the more I was sending the wave up and down the body, the more the body relaxed, and I could see different sets of people radiating from my body.

Then I noticed that the scenery changed. The scene that I started to see was that of me and an associate planning a bank robbery. I could not recognize the identity of the associate of being anyone that I have met in the past or know in the present.   But at this point in time we planned to rob the Chase Manhattan bank branch that is located on Broadway and Bowling Green in Manhattan. 

After arriving at Broadway and Bowling Green Chase Manhattan bank, we separated; my associate went into the bank, I was outside the bank. While outside I glanced around  and t I noticed that the street looked more like it does on Park Ave and 51st  street, then  I sensed that the bank manager was told that we were coming to rob the bank’s ATM, so I went to a bank that was further down the street. When I got to the bank that was further down the street that bank was closing up, but I knew the ATM’s are open 24 hours a day, so as I went in the ATM area. When I got to the ATM area I saw this woman; she looked like someone that should get to know. When I approached the woman, it looked like she was afraid of me; like I was going to do her some type of harm; so all I did was tell her that she looks good and that it was a shame that we won’t get to know each other. Then I stepped off, and she went her separate way. The next thing I knew the police came to me and said that someone tried to kill the woman and that I was the suspect.

Inside the police station they were going to interrogate me, but they could not because I was in the hypnotic trance, so they started making attempts to get me out of the trance state. They were doing things such as pinching me, and sticking me with sharp objects, however it did not work because the body’s natural painkiller was in effect while I was in a relaxed state.

They started to push me around; I told them that I will talk to them but they have to wait until I am finished what I am doing. Then one of the Cops started a fire to burn me, but the fire was turned on him instead. That one Cop got so mad he took a can of mace and said that if I do not come out of the trance, he’ll mace me. I responded that if he sprayed the mace on me I will kill him; after I said that all of the Cops backed off.

As the induction to emerge from the trance was being said, I found myself entering a forest; however before I could walk through the chained fence, there was a black hooded figure, and he  was standing in front of the pathway. I remembered that I was at this doorway once before, and that same hooded figure had shown me his hideous face, which had thrown me out of trance. This time after I mentality opened the chained fence. I made a series of defensive moves and I defeated the black hooded figure; he was no longer threaten to me, and it was as though I had grown stronger and him weaker. Then I grabbed him, perhaps a suggestion was put into my head to fly up to the sun and throw him into it; as I was ascending upwards, I realized I could not reach the sun, so I went to the tallest tree in the forest and impaled him on the tallest branch. I had a magnify glass and directed the sun’s rays onto the figure until he burned up.

The extra physical beings who are always fighting and working to break my trance state, was present, I don’t know why those beings are working so hard as to keep me out of being in that state. The black hooded figure was always their last line of defense, the next time I am in state, I have to remember to draw energy and repeal them, otherwise it remains to be seen what other tactics they will come up with, or have I seen the last of them now that I have mentally grown stronger?

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