While studying/practicing 7th path hypnosis and going through the recognition #2 which is supposed to be received in hypnosis; I followed the instructions and while I was in hypnosis receiving the induction, I found that the body had relaxed to the point where I felt that the energetic body became loose and it started to separate from the physical body.

 First I felt the legs become loose and they started to rise up by itself. I felt the upper torso become loose to the point that I had attempted to get up out of the physical body;  at first the body’s mid-section (core) did not separate; I had to wait a bit longer until the body’s mid-section  loosened up. As I exited the physical body and standing up in the room, I could see that an aura was illuminated around my energetic body’s arms and legs. Before I left the room I briefly looked back and observed my physical body relaxed on the bed. I saw that the legs were moving, I  perhaps it was a reflex movement, then I saw that the trousers had no legs in them; I was not alarmed because according to Robert Bruce, his theory is that if one looks at something for a period of time while  in the astral plane, the view will become distorted.  I guess his theory has been validated.

I left the room passing through the door into the hallway, it seemed that a soldier was passing by my room, and it seemed that he was alarmed at my presence. He had went into the closet and closed the door.  I made my way down stairs, and out the door towards the mess hall. There were certain variations in the environment; however I met up with two other beings. One of them had staples in his head; I had a feeling that I was responsible for his head injury. Certain things were said; I cannot recall what they were. I know that I decided to make my way back to the physical body. Once I had those thoughts in my head, I felt that I was being pulled backwards; as I was being pulled back wards; I saw that the two beings that I was talking with was following me. My attitude changed from being friendly to that of being defensive. Also while I was being dragged backwards, I came across a line where the silver cord appeared to be tangled.  I looked up at the line, I saw that the silver cord had begun the process of untangling itself; after that process of untangling was completed the pulling back towards my physical body  resumed. When I got to the building where the physical body was located I heard that the hypnotic induction stopped.

 I thought the recording was finished. One of the beings said to stop the recording and change it to another one. He went to take the CD player, which was located under my physical body in an attempt to disrupt the recording; However, I did not let him do it. I felt like a child, calling onto an adult to get their attention.  After wards there was a scene where I was sitting in front of a stereo, and the other beings tried to take off what was playing and to put in a recording that was defective. Now the strange thing was that I felt that I was represented by a little girl, instead of a male figure. While the beings were brothering me, I heard an ear piercing shriek; this may have been an attempt to get the attention of the adult. After I heard the shirk, I heard the 7th path hypnotic recording start to play again; there must have been a brief moment of silence, it was then that I entered back inside the physical body; with the echo of that sharp ear piecing shriek, if the environment was not like it was, I could swear that the shriek was a shriek of terror….

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    • A sharp ear piecing’s ironic that what is experienced in meditation or a dream is unique no matter how one try to find something duplicate one can only find something that might be similar…


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