Tunnel of Light II

 It was the witching hour; 2:30am I was lying down and for some reason unable to sleep so I decided to put on one of the frequency recordings. This one was called “sound sleep;” it is designed to help the brain produce the delta sound waves that is associated with deep sleep. As the recording was playing, I moved the energy and felt that I was reaching the vibrational state; then I felt that I was traveling through a tunnel.

The tunnel was a tunnel of white light, each part of the tunnel had a different shade of white light. When I reached the end of the tunnel, I saw that it was dark looking like the vacuum of space. When I came forward towards the end of the tunnel, I found that I could not exit, so I was moved backwards perhaps to get to the middle of the tunnel to immense myself within the white light.

When I moved forward again, and came back to the end of the tunnel, I saw a creature that looked like a pre-historic dinosaur as I came out of the end of the tunnel; I felt something grab my right hand, and I felt as though someone or something was biting my hand. I moved backwards back inside the tunnel immersing myself in the white light tunnel.

Again, I came back to the end of the tunnel, this time I fully exited the tunnel and I came to this platform where there was a being standing. The being looked like an old childhood friend of mine, D M. and he was saying that he had not heard from me for a while and that I should call him; then he gave me his phone number; I repeated the number, hoping to commit it to memory. The projection was over shortly afterwards… 

It is ironic that the memory of the number was retained, given that I often forget numbers that were given to me during a projection or lucid dream. Yet, even though I retained the memory of the number, I negligent and did not write it down as soon as I got out of bed. I thought that I would write it down later on however doing some physical activities, I completely forgot the number.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Once again I am impressed that you were able to remember that many numbers after waking up, but it is a shame that you did not record them.

    The tunnel of light sounds interesting, I can only imagine what that was like, thank you for sharing this.

    -John Jr


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