The Tent

Winding down after the day’s activities I put on the frequency recording, deep meditation, and total relaxation. First I had listened to deep meditation, as the recording was playing it sounded different, and it did not have the same impact as it had in the past. I don’t know if the body was relaxed deeply enough, the only thing that I felt was that the body relaxed itself, but not to the point where separation occurred, and the senses did not become enhanced. The only thing I felt was the vibrational state.

I switched recording and put in the total relaxation; while the total relaxation recording was playing, I started to see some pictures; it was an event in progress; it involved two wooden African statutes that were put on a shelf. Yet, the surroundings looked familiar.  I cannot consciously remember where this place was; In addition to that  I had heard children playing in the garden.

While the recording played further I found that the body relaxed itself to the point where a separation did occur. While the separation process was taking place, I heard what I recognized, as subliminal messages playing under the frequency sound and music, I have not heard these voices before on this particular recording, which I played numerous times. I felt myself exit the physical body, I was flying through the air.  I came to the house where the statutes were placed on a shelf;  I went directly where the statutes were, and I was so close to the statues that I could   see the carvings in detail.

 It seemed that I passed through the statutes and out of the building, to the garden. Once in the garden, it looked as if two time dimensions were fused together in one place.  The past dimension with the building structures and how the environment looked like; and the present with the modern day building structures as it stand today.  Then the modern building structures all turned into wood; the house started to resemble a castle; and the adjacent small structure started to resemble a boat.

The structures that represented the past did not change. There was a big tent in the middle of the yard, and there were benches further back from the tent, one facing the tent’s left, and the other facing the tent’s right. The ground was dirt, and mud; there was no grass or concrete. There were some people sitting on the benches, I saw something on the bench table; it looked like either a board game, or food.

At the first table the one on the left of the tent, there were three people; a man and two women.  While they were moving objects on the table, the man said, “Don’t he, or she knows that I can get in his or their head.” After observing them I moved over to the tent, I went to where I thought the front of the tent was, but there was no entrance; so I was going around the tent looking for the entrance, then I saw someone come out of a part of the tent, so I went to that part of the tent and went inside.

 Once inside I saw that there was a Vail or a secondary layer where you would have to pass through. I was looking for the entrance and could not find it. There was no way that you could enter. While I was attempting to enter I found that everything started to fad away, and that I was back in the physical body, with the recording still playing, I could still see the darkness of the void, or tunnel, and when the light returned I was completely back in the physical body.

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