Battle of Wits

It was 04:00 and while I was laying down thinking about what time I would get up to make my phone calls, I turned on my lamp, so there was a low level of light; as this was the conditions, I saw this image and heard and felt the experience, I don’t know if this was a projection or a lucid dream.

It started off with me being in front of a house; the color of the house was white and the construction was unfurnished; I felt that the house was familiar to me; it felt like my childhood home where I grew up however it did not look like it. I went through the front door and went up the stairs. Inside did not look like my childhood house either; the set up was different; I went up the stairs to the second floor, I opened the room door that was directly to the back after you reached the top of the stairs; as I opened the door, I looked back and saw that the light downstairs was turned off and there was nothing but darkness; and the darkness began to move upstairs; sensing that this might be some sort of psychic attack, I went in the room and exited out the window.

The garden and neighbor’s location looked the same as it did during the time when I lived in the house during my childhood.  Since I knew I was in an experience I jumped and  flew towards the neighbor’s garden, and since they always had their back gate unlocked, I quickly opened the gate and flew into the entry tunnel; once in the entry tunnel, the darkness caught up to me and I was in the middle of it.

 I found myself being thrown in the tunnel out towards the street. It felt like the time when I fell down in the middle of the entry tunnel and slid all the way down on my left shoulder out onto the street; it was a miracle that the shoulder was not broken or dislocated; however after that happened I was sick with the flu or cold for the next two weeks; that experience happened to me when I was ten years old. Reflecting on that day I still don’t know what happened. I was not running, I did not slip, it felt as though I was pushed even though nobody else was there with me; at least not physically.

Now in this experience, I was not sliding on the ground because I was flying through the air. But once the darkness caught up to me, my speed was accelerated to the point where I could not control my speed. Once I came into the street, I saw a lamp post which I held onto and stopped myself; I swung around back onto the sidewalk. When I came back onto the sidewalk, before my feet hit the ground, it hit a man standing in front of the house. The man was with his wife, and they seem to know me, even though I did not recognize them. Yet, I did recognize that he was a student, who went to my school. He said to me that I’m the only one he had not lived with, and that he is here to move in with me. I said all right, let’s go into the house. Once inside the house I showed him where his room is, it was on the first floor. He wanted to look at the rest of the house, so we went up the stairs.

Sensing that there might be another psychic attack, I looked back downstairs; this time around there was no darkness. We went inside the room on top of the stairs, the man was looking out the window, and then all of a sudden he ran back and screamed; his wife and I did not see anything right away. Then all of a sudden a group of people flew into the room; they were wearing blindfolds, and they took us and were holding us hostage. I noticed that there was a third party with us. The group of people took this third person, and made him kneel down. They had a fork; I thought they were going to gouge out his eyes because the reason they were wearing blindfolds was because they were blind. Instead the fork turned into a spoon, and he was given a tonic to drink; then they put a blindfold on him. The man, his wife and I were locked inside the bathroom, with someone who was watching us. The person who was watching us had a stick. He dropped the stick, and I noticed that he used his mind to pick the stick back up. I thought that he had some psychic ability, so I decided to see if I could mentally get into his head and convince him to help us get out.

 Once I looked into his mind, I saw that someone used to care for him because he was blind, and that he was trained to do tricks with his psychic ability for that person; each trick he performed he was rewarded. In his mind he was like a dog; obedient and waiting to be told what to do. It was not long before I gained full mental control of this person. He led us out the bathroom and while going towards the front door, one of the others saw (sensed) the man’s wife, and mentioned that she used to be his principal, and that he wanted her.

 It seemed the whole group had some sort of psychic ability, because he made an attempt to grab the man’s wife and move her with his mental ability; however it was blocked by the person who I turned around making him help us. This struggle got the attention of the others; and they saw that we were making our escape.

They were using their mental abilities to slow us down; the person who was now helping us was strong; he managed to open the door with his mind, and I rushed through it.  Before I reached the final door, I saw that the man and his wife was not with me. I turned back and saw that they were immobile; he said that he could only move for 24 seconds at a time but he was immobile for 48 seconds. I could see the others catching up to us; they were in range to close the door; but before that happened, I quickly exited the house. Once outside the house the door slammed shut, the man and his wife did not make it out, and the person whom I turned into helping us did not make it out either. Once the door was closed I was no longer connected and I could not sense their fate.

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    • Yes, in some retrospect it may be representing some type of internal or external turmoil, An entity wanting to attach itself to me; but most of all one wonders what would have been the effect if I was also trapped in the house…..


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