Empty Tent

It was 22:00 and after uploading some photos on the computer I decide to lay down and relax before I do anything else. While I was relaxing, I heard somebody come into the tent, the lights were not turned on; yet I heard voices talking; it sounded like the voices of the Camp’s Major; I forgot her name and the Sergeant major; they are with the support unit that runs the camp’s operations and maintenance. I heard them say that, “this tent is empty, we can put them in here.” I got up and I said that the tent is not empty; it is assigned to the 1/258 fourth platoon’s first squad, they are not here right now because they are on a two and a half week mission. Sergeant Major said that the beds are empty and that they could be used. I said that the beds still have things that belong to the squad members, and that time will be needed to clear them up. I attempted to convey the message to the Major so that I could get an on the spot decision, the Major did not want to say anything or get involved. So I told them to speak to the Platoon Daddy.  When we went to the Platoon Daddy’s tent, we found that he was sleeping and that he was not waking up, and we could not get his input. Then the Major and the Sergeant Major went away. The next thing that I know was that a unit that just came from the field started to come into the tent. They began to occupy each of the beds, I got up and went to the beds one by one and told them they had to get their own sheets because the ones on the bed did not belong to them and that they are the personal property of the of the bed’s occupant. I took the sheets and rolled them up. I even saw somebody attempt to take my bed.

 Now that the intruding unit occupied the tent, I noticed certain variations. First the unit coming in had mud on their boots, and their clothing was wet. In the physical world it had not rained for the past two months. Second I noticed that there were at least three times more beds in the tent then what the tent could physically hold. Even at the spot where the air conditioner is there was a triple bunk bed. Everybody was just lying in the beds resting.

It wasn’t until later that I had realized that everybody involved were extra physical beings, however this experience was so vivid that I thought that the events were taking place in the actually physical plane.

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