The Demonic On the Planes

I recently came across this video by a dude named Chris LaSala and his claims about how Astral Projection is a door way to pure evil. LaSala had a lot of things to say, and I have to admit some of what he said was thought provoking, but when it came down to it, he was describing his own experience. Now, True_George understands that ultimately he equated his experience has been a negative one. There is an old saying in Nuero Linguistic Programing (NLP); it is “the map is not the territory.” Means that LaSala’s experience is not a representation of what one may experience practicing astral projection. There are reasons why LaSala had the experience that he had and that if one should take the path that he took, I won’t be surprised of the outcome. Let’s break it down.

LaSala described that his work life was very successful. He was a principle in a two million dollar project with the electric company Con-Ed. However, outside his professional life, he had major vices. He was not only a heroin and oxytocin dealer; he was also a user to the point that he was a functioning drug addict. It was during drug use that LaSala started to have out of body experiences (OBE) spontaneously. This is nothing unusual; using drugs can have a relaxing effect on the body and the body can be so relaxed that it induces astral projection. In fact the Beatle George Harrison experienced his first astral projection while on a Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) trip. After that he took the path of spirituality. With LaSala he had a different mindset.

After Lasala did research on astral projection, the mindset that he had was to attain some sort of power. He wanted to do such things as covertly rob banks. He wanted to be an intruder into the homes of unsuspecting people, look around and do and take whatever he wanted. At this point in his life LaSala was a self-admitted wicked devil; a person who did wicked deeds and that he liked to kill and destroy and that his main goal was to use astral projection to commit crimes.

To realize his intentions, LaSala developed an orthodox technique. He built a pyramid out of cooper. The pyramid took up 1/5th of his living room space and the pyramid’s peak went up all the way to the room’s ceiling. LaSala would drag his recliner into the pyramid and sit in it for hours.

Pyramids are known to have some effect channeling psychic energy and opening the door to the spirit world. LaSala believes that the idea to build the pyramid wasn’t his idea but the idea of spiritual forces which he would later discover that the spiritual forces that he was dealing with were demonic.

Once things were in place and LaSala began his regular practice aided by the use of heroine, he felt empowered. He felt so empowered that he started to recognize that everyday people were consciously asleep and that they had no clue of what is really going on in the world. It got to the point where he no longer wanted to be part of the physical world, and he used all his free time drugged up and being astral projected. Each time he engaged in the practice it progressively got easier for him.   

 However during his projections he would often come into contact with entities who would eventually begin to manifest in the physical world. LaSala even made the claim that the entities made their presence known to him by floating objects in the air, or moving stuff around like his computer key board. When he entered a room he felt that he was being spied on. When he went to bed, he was being physical held at the feet and dragged out of bed. He would have the feeling that there were snakes in his bed biting him, or being stunned by scorpions.

LaSala began to become fearful the entities, floating objects and watching him has started to become too much for him to handle that he started to ask for help. His cry was heard and a cleansing force sweep through and alleviated his problem of the entities manifesting themselves in his physical life. The only problem with this is that he attributed the cleansing force to “god.”  True_George has recognize that there are higher beings that will assist those in need. True_George has experience with those higher beings which you can read about in the dream journal. However LaSala thinks that those higher beings that came to his aide came from the entity that people worship and call “god.” So now he fell on his knees and switched from wanting to serve one unseen entity to another.

After hearing what LaSala had to say, True_George pondered. Yes when one astral projects there is a chance of encountering entities on the plane. No the entities that one encounters are not necessarily demonic forces. One need to realize that demonic forces are earth bound creatures and you won’t find them on the higher levels of the astral plane. Sometimes when someone is projected they could still be on the earth bound planes where they can encounter a demonic force. Not everyone will encounter any type of entities whether they are on a higher plane or lower one.  

With that said; there is the matter of spiritual development. One’s OBE is according to their spiritual development or lack of it. Additionally the spiritual immature will never leave the earth bound planes when they astral project. According to how LaSala described himself, it sounds like that he was anything but spiritual developed. His experiences were fueled by illicit drug use; he had the mentally of doing harm to others. Whatever experiences he had probably took place on the earth bound planes. I would also go as far as saying that he probably had demons attached to him even before he regularly practiced astral projection.

So now his life’s journey has brought him to preside over a the ministry of the Breakthrough Deliverance Sanctuary. I believe his ulterior motive is to recruit people to becoming a member of his Sanctuary, hence the video he made and saying the things he said about astral projection being a doorway to pure evil. This misinformation may scare those that are not familiar with the concept of astral projection. But mark my words; it is nothing but pure rubbish.

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