It was a little after 17:00 hours when I decided to do my meditation exercise, this time using the frequency recording “deep meditation.” When I started to play the recording I varied the sound because it sounded loud, when I softened up the sound it wasn’t long before I heard some footsteps walk into the tent. There was a voice that wanted to get my attention. It sounded like the Platoon Daddy’s voice as I recognized it to be. I said to myself, “dam, I hope he doesn’t disturb my state,” but the Platoon Daddy came up to the bed and took the head phones off my head.  Yet I found that when the headphones was taken off my head that I could still hear the recording’s frequency sounds and the accompanying natural music.

Then I heard the Platoon Daddy’s voice utter something but I could not make out what was said, then he left the tent. After he was gone, I saw some other soldiers come into the tent, it seemed like they came in to take some of the stuff that belonged to the squad members. My thoughts that since the rest of the squad were staying at the Baghdad International Airport (BIOP), those Soldiers figured that they could help themselves to the squad’s belongings. I saw them pick up something, and while they were going to pick up other stuff one of the Soldiers told me that they were going to take everything. Since I was in state, I did not see any reason to break the state to stop them from taking anything, especially since I know what they looked like. I told them that I didn’t care what they are doing.

Then the Platoon Daddy came back into the tent and he had the Doctor with him. The Doctor came over to me and started to examine me asking if everything was all right. I said to the doctor that I would be all right once the frequency and music recording stopped playing and that I ‘ll be in the normal state of mind. The Doctor asked if I could hear what he was saying; I told him I could hear everything he was saying except for the frequency and music sounds were still playing.

The Doctor leaned over and looked inside my ears; then he looked at me and said that I lost 50% of my hearing. When I heard his diagnosis it had startled me; I was jolted, however I found out that I still had the headphones on and that the Soldiers, the Platoon Daddy and the Doctor were not in the tent.

I was semi out of state; I put back on the headphones, and resumed the frequency and music sounds. After that took place I found that I was in my bedroom with my CD player. There was something wrong with the CD player and I was attempting to fix it; when my body was leaning on the bed, a cousin of mine, J W came up behind me and said hello. It seemed that J W and his sister D W were visiting. Then I saw some family members were also visiting; it looked like it was family get together. While in the bedroom J W wanted to know what I was doing, so I told him but I did not want him to hold the CD player, so I told him that I was using it. Then his sister D W came in and said hello; she started to look into one of the bureau draws; there were some stuffed animals and cards in the particular draw she was looking into. She wanted one of the stuffed animals, so I told her that she could take any one that she wanted.

I looked out the room’s window, and saw that someone put out four of my thickest encyclopedias out for somebody to sit on them. I hurried downstairs to stop them from being used as a seat.  When I got downstairs, I brushed past two figures; then I saw someone that gave me the feeling that he is my father, and he told me if I was not going to say hello to my grandmother. I saw another figure that gave me the feeling that she is my grandmother; I said hello, and apologized to her for pushing her out of the way. I finally made it out to the garden and picked up the encyclopedias, and I told the figure that gave me the feeling that she is my mother that if somebody wants to sit down, I have an extra chair in my room that they could use. After I said what I said to the figure that the images faded away.

Still in state a thought came to my head making me aware that the recording didn’t last this long before. I wondered when it ended. There were no more visions; only my body was still in a relaxed state, and the recording still playing until I fell out of state and turned it off.  After I turned off the recording I looked at the time and saw that only an hour had passed.

My thoughts on this experience

  The first experience I now recognized as the trouble making entities that always seem to want to take me out of state. They are always looking to get my attention and do some type of action with the goal to take me out of state. This has been their most sophisticated operation, because it was so vivid, that I actually thought the events were actually happening in present time on physical plane. They also had the ability to appear in different form. I’m going to have to strengthen my will, to help me not to fall for the tricks.

The second experience, was also vivid, but did not have the same impact as the first one did. The scene was something that experienced It was a small family reunion, however I could not make out who some of the entities were, and why would they appear as people that are still alive, such as my grandmother, and cousins?

Could it be that I experienced such family get together in a past life? Or could it be that I was being connected to my ancestors?  Only time will tell has I piece these experiences together.

The experienced lasted an hour. Usually the longest time that the meditative state would last, would be for 45 minutes.  

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