Train Wreck

  At 17:30 when things slowed down for the evening I decided to listen to the entrainment with binary beat recording “deep meditation,” this recording has the frequency to induce one’s brainwaves to go into the delta meditation state.

While listening to this program, the body started to relax after a brief moment, and that happened I began to see pictures. Some of the pictures did not make any sense to me, but there was some that did. It was like a story line that involved the house that we used to live when I was in England.

 Even that whole story was somewhat clouded; but what I do remember was that we had (my family) had gone back to England for a visit. While we were visiting the street where the house was located, we saw that the old house had some type of construction going on in the back yard; then something happened that prompted the new owners to want to sell the house. My father came up with the money and brought back the house. He was in competition from a cousin of ours Owen; he wanted to buy the house too and he raised the money to get it; but he was slow in the buying process.

Afterwards we were taking a train going to a destination in England, however I got the feeling that the destination might have been in the Bronx. The train was crossing a bridge that was across a body of rough waters; in fact the water looked like an ocean. Part of the bridge was missing and the train came crashing into the sea;  at that point when the train hit the sea instead of being an active participant in the dream as a train passenger, I was observing the crash. I even heard myself scream before the train came to a crashed into the sea.

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