Soldier’s Spirit

Back in the time when I was in an environment of extreme violence as a representative of the U. S military conducting operations in support of Iraqi Freedom. It was kind of difficult to observe some type of spiritual development, especially when there is a potential that one may have to kill another as a matter of survival or to make sure your team members survive. On this day I was assigned to the Main Support Route (MSR) patrol. Serving as Military Police the MSR patrol is supposed to Police the MSR in their area of operations (AO). Due to the enormous incidents of heat casualties the military switched most missions to be conducted at night. The Camp’s units whose main mission is to escort convoys started their missions at 17:00; before that time the first MSR patrol of the evening took place to ensure the MSR in our assigned AO was cleared before the first convoy rolled through.

Now it was 0200 when we had an hour break before we went back out on the MSR patrol. I had decided to do a meditative exercise to relax the body because I had a headache. First I started off with the breathing exercise to relax the body; as I was doing the breathing exercise; directly in front, I heard something as if somebody was attempting to match my breathing rate, then as I moved on to the second process, which was the count down, I detected that a presence was in the tent; maybe it is here for an energy donation, so I told it to come forward; as it came forward I had exteriorized energy so that it could move on. As the energy was being exteriorized, I saw that there was a white light present every time the energy was disbursed from the palms of my hands. Afterwards I had found myself inside a house; there was some debris being moved from one room to another… then suddenly I was on the road;  I was riding in my vehicle with my regular team. We came to an obstacle, which we had to make a turn; I saw that there was some debris in the road where we had to make the turn. Instead of going around where there was no debris, the driver had driven the vehicle directly on top of the debris. Nothing happened, but I saw some soldiers on the street and it looked like they were manning a checkpoint. There were stray dogs roaming around. One of the stray dogs grabbed one of the soldiers around the neck and killed him. I saw that the dead soldier was picked up and was taken to the house, was taken  to the basement. ….

After I saw the dead Soldier taken to the basement; everything became too distorted to make conscious sense. Yet, I recognized that the presence that I felt must have been a Soldier that did not survive being hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).   

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