White Rottweiler


In this experience the question came to mind whether human beings are the only living beings on the planet that can astral project. Are other animals able to do it? This question was soon answered and not only did the answer come to me, a confirmation manifested.

It happened when I signed up to do some part time work with a security company called Security Provided with Care (SPC). I was hired as K-9 guard; I was given a rottweiler dog to handle. SPC had K-9 patrol on various buildings on the East side where most Diplomats live; plus on any given day you’d see a celebrity strolling around or walking a dog like regular people. It was an interesting area to be in. However, on this Saturday afternoon I was patrolling a building’s plaza, shooing away the homeless from sleeping on the property benches; running the skate boarders from skating in the plaza when I decided to take a break and let the dog get some water. I took the dog around the rear of the building allowed him to get a drink and stood in a spot where I can see the front of the building. The dog lay down and went to sleep. Since there was no activity I decided to replenish my energy by doing the vibrational state, after a few moments, I must have fell into state because I saw a white rottweiler jump up from where the dog was laying. It looked like a silvery solid smooth white. Then I felt something on my arm; when I looked at my arm I saw it was the white rottweiler’s front leg paws. I also saw the silver chord that was connecting the white rottweler’s astral body to its physical body.

So now I know that animals can indeed astral project; and I won’t be surprised if animals are more in tuned to the astral plane then humans. It gives some insight has to spiritual guides are often depicted as animals.

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  1. Rottweiler is actually a domestic dog. These dog breeds were used to drive cattle to market. And this continued until mid 19th century when the railways were introduced to transport goods to the markets.
    This breed of dog was one of the earliest police dog and military dogs. They are very good at guarding and being friendly

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