Imagine working for many years to get yourself in the position in life that you want to be whether that position it is professional or personal. Then all of a sudden everything becomes inconsequential as far as the world and your community is concerned.

Well this is a consequence of the “Cancel Culture.” This culture is the practice of withdrawing support from people or shut them out of a platform; black balling, and damaging their reputation, getting them removed from an organization; all because the person has done something that someone doesn’t agree with; or they didn’t deliver on a promise or engaged in some sort of disapproved behavior; or said something that offend an individual or group.

To cancel someone out making them inconsequential regardless of the type of contribution or work the targeted person put in is done through an organized effort. It is done on many levels.

For example on a basic level; someone posts something on their social media account that someone doesn’t like. Perhaps what they said was vague and need some explanation. Another person read it and decides that they don’t like the contents of what was posted. They make a complaint and the social media platform suspends the account.   

It didn’t take much to make the person who did the posting inconsequential.

On another level; someone who spent time and effort and climbed up to the top tier of their profession or in an organization; and that person did some trivial behavior in their adolescent days without malice. Then all of a sudden, what they did thirty years ago on a school playground during recess becomes an issue.  

In cases like this, it would take a more concentrated organized effort taken up by a number of people; or by an organization that represents a group of people who decide that they don’t want the targeted person to be in the position or have the recognition that that person worked for.

Often those who want to cancel out someone else purports to be a victim because their goals have not been realized; and they have a personal vendetta saying that the targeted person took advantage of them and did not deliver. Or they had to do things that they never expected to do and thought that they will be rewarded for their efforts; but whatever they hoped to get never manifested.   

Now True_George isn’t talking about real victims of criminal acts. Or those who engage in problematic behaviors, that is something entirely different. What True_George is talking about are those opportunity seekers that prostitute themselves in deed and character and when things don’t work out for them; they blame others for their short comings.

Those types of people are parasites sucking the blood of hard working people. Thinking the world owes them something. They take no responsibility for their failed actions.  

Young people have it hard in today’s world. What they do at a frat party or even in high school could come back and bite them in the ass. This is in addition to the traditional future killers like being arrested or being dishonorable discharged from the armed forces.  

Old people better reflect what they did and to who they did it too; and if they think they did something wrong to a person; they should go and apologize to them. Hopefully doing it before what was done in the past come up to haunt them and get them cancelled.   

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  1. It’s not really a new thing. There have always been witch hunts and purity tests and double standards and old boy networks. The world has never been fair or even forthright. Sometimes I’m a little bitter – not so much that it’s this way but that nobody warned me and I had to find out the hard way.

    It doesn’t pay to commit to an employer who doesn’t have your back. And it doesn’t pay to be too dependent on one middleman, one broker, one platform. It’s rough being self employed, but at least you have the freedom to fail or succeed on your terms and your own merits.


    • The rule of any employer is not to put the fate of the business on one employee no matter how skilled that employee maybe.
      Yeah, nothing is equal and I suppose there will always be some sort of witch hunt…


  2. Yep – I’ve met quite a bit of that. The people doing the cancelling are just basically schemers – they just do it to further their own ends. They basically muck-rake until they find something. Happens most obviously in politics but certainly happens to the rest of us too.

    To me, nothing you did as a child, so long as it didn’t harm a living being, should really matter – especially if it was just youthful exuberance.


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