Back Door

There was a fusion of events; I don’t think one had anything to do with the other. Perhaps they do, but I have yet to recognize it. Plus there was one that is a recurring theme; even though I have not really written about it; the theme comes up many times. I’m going to have to record it from now on so that I could have a reference of how many times it comes up.

It started when I was in a house’s hall way. The hall way resembled the house where I spent my early years. For some reason bedding was set up for three people at the bottom of the stairs. My set up was in the middle. For some reason there was nowhere else that we could have stayed for the night.

The front door was locked and the windows secured. I decided to go to the kitchen to get something to eat. When I got to the kitchen, I found that the back door wasn’t locked. I opened the door to go in the garden to use the bathroom. But, I changed my mind when I saw two strangers attempting to enter the house through the back door. I kind of push them away from the door way. Then I closed the door and locked it.

The lock did not catch and the door was not secured. I attempted to engage the lock again, but it still would not take. I even attempted to barricade the door, but the door would just crack open. Then I saw an intruder come through the door. The intruder looked like a monkey, and being illusive…then the whole scene shifted.

The scene is now a street where there is a bar. I could see someone wanted to go in the bar, but was not allowed in until someone vouched for him. When someone finally vouched for him and he was let in; he was having a drink when he got into an argument with someone.

Then the guy challenged the person with whom he was arguing with to a fight. So they both went outside the bar to fight. A crowd gathered outside to see the fight. The two combatants were just verbally assaulting each other.

The then the dude who was challenged disappeared; the challenger was looking in the crowd to see if he see him. When the challenger had his back turned the person who was challenged was in a car and he ran the challenger down.

After the challenger got mowed down by the car; the scene shifted again; now it was back to the house, in the bed area. After that the vents that took place was to distorted to make any conscious sense.

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