Ball of Light

I was taking part in a retreat in upstate New York; it was not that far into upstate, just an hour and half drive from the Bronx. The location where the retreat was taking place was in a building that used to be a Monastery.

The building itself was upgraded to have modern day bath room facilities, equipped with a sauna; a cozy library and electricity and heating and air conditioning. However the individual rooms; some single, two people and four people rooms did not have any locks on the doors. Also there was no internet access.

The idea of spending time at this retreat was to relax, meditate, do some sort of self-reflection. Not a bad idea.      

The whole energy of the place was kind of interested; the last time I was in this area where the retreat is located the area’s energy was restless. This is because the area is home to various battle grounds where Soldiers clashed during the American Revolutionary War.

The day was kind of eventful for me; I was unable to participate in the group’s activities because the tire of my piece of shit of a car I had decided to blow out on the highway. I hate there rural areas because the nearest tire shops are mile apart. Plus, the tires for the model car that I have were of a limited edition. I had to find a big chain tire shop at a mall; they were the only ones that had the type of tire I needed on site. So when I got back to the retreat I wasn’t particular interested in participating at the nights group activities; fortunate for me I was assigned a single room.  

I was in my room; relaxing and was lying in bed just after midnight. I decided to do the basic movement of energy (BME); something that I had not done in a long while. I just did it to see what type of effect that I would get.

After doing the BME it wasn’t too long before I began to see the effect. I saw a ball of light bouncing around. I thought that the ball of light was moving around like it was playing with me. I wanted to show the ball of light that I also had some sort of power or control.

The ball of light came close to me; I quickly hit that ball of light with my hand sending it back to the corner of the room. Then the ball of light bounced back to me and I hit it back.

After the ball bounced back to the corner; the ball of light broke open revealing a picture; a moving one that almost look like a movie. It was of a couple having an argument.

The arguing couple were speaking another language; it sounded like they were speaking Italian. Yet, I was able to understand everything that was spoken.  

Then I saw a disturbing scene of the couple’s argument climaxed into a murder. The man was jealous and killed the woman.

After the murder took place; I heard my room door open. Someone from the group that was at the retreat with me opened the door and peaked his head in; he asked if everything was alright.  

He said he heard an argument going on in Italian and was concerned, so he just wanted to make sure that nobody was hurt.

I told him everything is OK and he left. He was lucky that I did not cuss him out for intruding.  

Then I saw the ball of light again; I realized that the ball of light was carrying the residue energy of the traumatic event of the argument and murder. Why was this revealed to me; I don’t know. Who was the man that peaked into the room asking if everything was OK? I did not recognize his face among the retreat’s participants. I guess it is one of those things that I may find the answer when I least expect it.

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