Jocks & Nerds

 The revenge of the nerds; it all reminds me of a time in school when the battle was between the jocks and the nerds. Being in between two worlds was not as easy as you think.   

For instance how can someone who was the only one in the class wearing glasses and getting the good grades as well as being the number one ranked reader; and trivial questionnaire master. Does that make him a class celebrity? At the same token being a great runner on the track; and football player on the school’s team during the football season. This made the difficult decision of who to hang with during recess and after school get together.

What a dilemma; what group should be chosen? Well the obvious answer to the question that most boys who are young dumb and full of cum would say is go with the group that the girls choose.

Not as straight forward as you may think. Because each camp as a following of girls. Yes, contra to popular belief that all the girls strive to be with a jock; there were plenty, if not just as much who wanted to be with the nerds, although it wasn’t as apparent as people thought it should be.

The nerds didn’t get the props that were due to them. Always on the short end of the stick, and the school’s students that get the votes to be the most popular students always happen to be a sport playing jock.

Well it can be a lot of fun hanging out with the jocks; nerds tend to be a bit more conservative. The glasses, wearing nerd of a jock have the better of two worlds. Just for not being a stereo type of both camp.     

But when it comes down to life; we all have to have a little bit of nerds and jock to be on top. Look at the greatest jocks. In whatever sport it is the thinkers that are the champions. You may not believe it but it is fact.

Yeah, someone like Mike Tyson may have not acted like he had any sense outside the ring. But take a look at it; fighting in a ring is not all about instinct and reactions. There is a lot of thinking going on. The one that only relies on just pure brawn is often the loser.

At the same token, a chess master not only has to keep his wits and thinking strategy sharp; he would also have to do some type of physical exercise to strike a balance. Like Chess Grand Master Maurice Ashley; his biceps are as thick as his neck, a prime example of being of sound body and mind.

So you see, nerds don’t really need any revenge; whose idea was it to make such a dumb movie like that; two of them at that.  To think I actually watched them.

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