Loving Maid

I was lying down after I had something to eat; the first images I saw were that I was conducting drill and ceremony with a small group of Soldiers. The details of this experience were sketchy and I cannot fully recall the details of this event that make sense to my conscience mind.

After that experience was over; and I was lying on my back. I was not asleep, but felt that the lower left corner of my bed was being lifted up. In fact I got the feeling that I was on my old bed that I slept on when I was a teenager; it was a large fold up bed.  When I picked my head up to look at the corner which was being lifted, it was put down. When I laid my head back down I felt the corner lifted again. This has confirmed that there was some type of entity making its presence known to me. I decided to see how things will play out. I pretended to be asleep observing what this entity will do.   

When the lower left bottom corner was lifted, I felt that the sheets were being tucked in. The lower left corner was gently lowered; and the lower right corner was lifted; and the sheet tucked in on that side before it was lowered.

Then I felt the bed cover was being pulled. The cover wasn’t going anywhere because I was lying on top of it. But there was an attempt to pull the cover off the bed; however the entity realized that it couldn’t be moved because I was on top of it; so it let it go.

I detected another bed in my room; it felt like a time during my teenage years when my bed and my Brother’s bed were in the same room. Except for in the present I could see another bed to the left side of my bed. The entity was fixing the covers on that bed. I thought that this was very strange. Then that bed disappeared.

I was visual scanning my room to see if I could see where the entity went. The room wasn’t that dark, because the light from the adjacent room was on and some of the light illuminated into my room; so instead of being pitched black, it was kind of like a dark grey. Even though I don’t lie down wearing my glasses; it felt like I had them on. But in my mind I wished I had night vision goggles so I could see in the dark. But despite that I found that was able to see the outline of the entity. It looked like it was moving things around on the dressing table; as if it was tiding up.

Then I felt my face being stroked, and I was shocked to see a woman’s hand doing the stroking. Then she took my hand in hers and was gently stroking the back of my hand; like she is rubbing cream on it. I could feel that the way she was doing it was out of love and care.

When I looked I saw that the entity was a woman; and it looked like she was wearing a maid’s outfit. I could see her facial features; it was that of a black woman; and she was wearing a net that was hanging down to her shoulders. Her touch felt smooth and warm; and I felt a feeling of love that I pulled the hand that she was stroking towards my lips and I kissed the back of her hand.  I was going to kiss her on her lips; but never did it.

I got the message that she was there to clean up. She wanted to know if I could leave her some sort of tip. I have a gallon size water container where I have been putting spare change in. So I told her that she can take some of the change that is in there.

The container is heavy, but she picked it up like it was nothing and she put it in her mouth and started to drink the coins like it was water. She drank down most of the coins and when it was consumed she disappeared; leaving the near empty container behind.

I was like dam, she took all the change. But I felt that I shouldn’t be upset over it because I offered it to her. I never told her how much she could take; so I gathered that she thought that she could take as much as she wanted.  

I heard the container shake; so I said to myself I should go and check exactly how much change was taken. When I went over to the container; I found that it still had the amount of change that was in it.

Still I don’t know what to make of the whole experience; because I could still feel the after touch on the back of my hand where she was stroking.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was an interesting experience, I am glad that it was positive, I was not expecting the part where she swallowed all of those coins though, that part was a bit creepy like something from a horror film.

    Thank you for sharing,
    -John Jr

    Liked by 1 person

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