I was back again doing my self-hypnosis/meditation exercise routine. This time I did a combination of techniques; the energy movement and the relaxation breathing. I was performing them while this sitting on my bed. When I started the countdown from 50 to 1,  I did not particular see anything unusual, however I started to have a heightened sense of hearing. I could hear the other building inhabitants outside of the room. Then I heard one of my roomies come into the room interrupting what I was doing. I really did not want him to see me sitting up on the bed because I didn’t feel like answering any questions as to what I was doing; so I laid down and  I was going to terminate the session, but when I laid down I felt that the body was heavy and my eyes also felt heavy.  I decided to let the process take place.

As I was going deeper into the self-hypnosis/meditation trance I saw the pillow that I was resting my head on when I was sitting down fall off the wall and rolled off the bed. Then I saw an image of the roomie that came in pick up the pillow and threw it back on the bed, I put up my hand and caught the pillow, and put it down on my side. Then the shadow of the room light disappeared ( the light was on) and was replaced with a dark background as though the light was turned off. Then on my right side I saw a figure; it was a man, and it appeared like he was either bowing up and down. Then he got up and turned and went towards the direction of my locker. The locker door was open and he went inside the locker. I saw another figure, it looked like a boy that was just passing through, and he also went into the locker. After a while there was just a dark background, then I started to see the blue sky; after that  I found myself laying on a beach or resort, I could see the ocean. Buildings that were similar to the buildings at West Point surrounded the resort. Then I saw that a game was being played, it was like American football. A ball was being tossed around. I saw the object tossed to a man then he tossed it  to someone else. The person who caught the object was in an isolated area, after he caught the object he fled as though someone was chasing him. I scanned the area and all I saw a lot of old buildings. It looked as though the whole resort was built in a mountain pass. I wondered what the area would look like during the winter; then I heard someone the room’s door rattle, indicating that someone else was coming into the room; at that point I decided to end the session….

What I got out of this experience is that there might be a portal where my locker is located….

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