Parachute Jump


It was round 1:15 in the afternoon; I decided to relax since I had some down time. I laid down not particularly doing any relaxation techniques. I naturally went into the trance state and when that took place it was long before I was a participating in this following experience:

I was walking with my son; we were going to a location; as to where this location was it was not clear. However after a while it looked like we were approaching what looked like a parachute jump in an amusement park. The scene shifted and I found that we were on top of the parachute jump and it looked like the only way down from the jump was for me to climb down. There was an elevator where the young and frail could take. I told my son to go into the elevator and take it down. Being the at a young age of six, he did not look where he was going; he kind of ran to the elevator entrance and was jump into it.  I saw that there was a ledge in the elevator, then I said “careful” as he jumped he fell off the ledge. After he jumped off the ledge I heard a thud as his body hit the bottom. I quickly jumped in the elevator;  the elevator operator was unaware of what took place and he did not want to operate the elevator; so I asked him if he didn’t see the child fall off the ledge. Then he got up and operated the elevator; I had some hope that someone called the paramedics. Yet, when we got down to the bottom, I did not see any paramedics, or emergency personal. I saw that the child had been put into a body bag. I unzipped the body bag to see if I could perform CPR….. Then the experience was interrupted because of knock on the room’s door. It was B the squad leader who came to tell me to go and check up on the other squad members to make sure that they were doing what they are supposed to be doing. After I got up and checked on the others and came back to the room I found that  that I could not recapture the experience….

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