Solar Warden


Just the other day President Donald Trump made an announcement of creating an additional branch of the military; a space corps. This announcement garnered a variety of responses. Most of the responses mocked the President; however there were a few that came from Veterans that pointed out that the United States military already have an active space corps. The U.S Army has a space command that administers units such as U.S Army Space and missile Command; the U.S Navy also have a space command as well as the U.S Air Force. This isn’t news to the personal who have some type of involvement with the space command of the respective branches. However what is news not only to government officials, and the general public is that the U.S has an active secret space program (SSP); that program is called Solar Warden.

When you hear the word Solar Warden, most of us will automatically think about the Solar Warden video game. Perhaps that video game was developed to mask that there is a real Solar Warden program. When it comes to covert and secret operations there is misinformation and propaganda designed to hide the existence of secret operations from the public’s eye. However, the wool cannot remain over the public’s eyes forever. The government is being forced to disclose programs and activities when it comes to outer space. One may think that it is the natural order of things that the gov’t will eventually start to declassify “for eyes only” documents. But that is not the case here; I surly believe that if the U.S government had their way the general public will always be kept in the dark.

Hackers can be a pain in the ass when it comes to cyber security and accessing people’s home computers and stealing their identities. Sometimes hackers can be a blessing in disguise. No matter the point of view if it wasn’t for a hacker what is known about Solar Warden wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

A lot of information about the Solar Warden program was compiled by hacker Gary McKinnon who accidental came across the information in his attempts to hack into the U.S Department of Defense computer network. Not only did McKinnon come across aspects of the solar warden program; he came across a listing of non-terrestrial officers who are members of the Solar Warden program, as well as a manifest documenting fleet to fleet transfers of personal and that the U.S.A has an active fleet of space crafts. The documents revealed that the US has a total of 8 cigar shaped motherships and 43 smaller scout ships.  The Information suggests that the US gov’t has a sustained contact with extraterrestrial (E.T) beings and they are as active in space as they are as active in the Earth’s oceans.

So now that McKinnon has exposed what he found it has left the US gov’t in an awkward position. Even if they get McKinnon arrested and put him on trial, a lot of secrets will be exposed in the court room; and the nmedia will take those secrets and run with it. Perhaps they could send in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and have them assassinate McKinnon, but that would validate everything he has been saying. At this point I don’t know what the government plan to do about McKinnon. But now the gov’t has started to disclose the existence of some of the SSP in bits and pieces. Plus whistle blowers who was involved in the program has leaked information on the social medias; as well as writing books and making blog entries.

What is currently known about Solar Warden was that the program was created in the late 1980’s and has grown to having 8 cigar shaped mother ships; each ship is longer than 2 football fields; and 43 scout ships. The fleet is administered under the US Naval Network and Space Operations command out of Dahlgren, Virginia. Both the U.S Navy and the U.S Marine Corps provide personal to man the fleet vassals and operate the program. Because of the technological advances the United States has been designated by all of the Earth’s nations who have the capability to operate in space (Star Nations) to provide space security for the Earth. One of the missions is to ensure that rouge nations do not use space as a platform to rain terror on the Earth’s nations and that space will not be used by nations engaging in warfare; and it police any illegal activity conducted in space.

One can imagine that the nuclear threat from nations such as North Korea and Iran is really benign, especially since the US has the capability to eradicate North Korea’s arsenal of ballistic missiles through Solar Warden.  The United Nations and the Star Nations are also authorized to assign missions to Solar Warden if the need should arise. Solar Warden’s jurisdiction is only in space, it is not authorized to intervene in any conflict among opposing nations on the ground or within the earth’s atmosphere; nor is Solar Warden is allowed to interject itself in human to human affairs.

So now one can understand that Trump’s announcement was probably a hint of official disclosing that he space command from the different branches of the military will be consolidated and made into a fifth branch with overt recruiting; among other things.


  1. Hello True George,

    The United States Space Force (USSF) is an interesting idea that I curious to see what becomes of the idea.

    Also it would be nice if more information about secret space programs would come out publicly.

    Thank you for sharing this post,
    -John Jr


    • Information is being disclosed slowly; if it was suddenly revealed then it would cause a lot of chaos. Many beliefs and religious doctrines would be invalidated and many myths will be resolved…..too much for some people

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      • Hello True George,

        Yeah, spoon feed the babies (I can understand, I am an example of what can happen if your entire world view is challenged and destroyed suddenly, and I have still not recovered even until this day), and unfortunately that also gives them time to continue doing what they are doing in the mean time and maybe by the time the information is finally revealed they will not have to worry about any real consequences.

        -John Jr

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