There are some gaps in this experience; but, I swear it looked like something out of Bollywood. Even the characters appeared to have the features of Indians. Now understand that the appearance of figures in some of my experiences may sometimes appear with Indian features is not unusual. After all, half of my families are of Indian descendants, so the presence of people with Indian features was a normal part of my upbringing. It is just that lately the appearance of figures in dreamland is not distinct to any one  racial feature, unless it represent someone I know then the figure will appear as they appear in real life. Otherwise, the figures may be faceless or is a representation of the people living in a particular environment, or if the environment is a unique construction of the mind then unless it is a specific person, then the characters make up is also uniquely constructed.     

In this one, a woman was on trial for some type of offense. Even though the woman was innocent of the charges; she was covering up for the real culprit; her Husband. As the trial went on the Husband was partying and not doing right by his wife.

Those that knew the wife was telling her that she should tell the truth and stop covering up for her Husband. The trial was not going so good for the woman; yet the woman thought that she will be acquitted.  But unfortunately, the woman was wrong. The Court was on the verge of convicting her for the crime, even though she is innocent of the charges. So her Lawyer did a preemptive legal maneuver. He filed a motion under the statute of something called “ women’s compulsory objection.”

In this factious world, there is a history of mis-justice against women. They are the ones who are most likely will get convicted of crimes, even if all the evidence points to their innocence. So when the gov’t drew up the constitution in the spirit of granting women some form of equality in the eyes of the law they put this special condition that any woman can object to court proceedings and put a stop to the trial while a proper investigation will be conducted to prove their innocence. Even though the procedure is frustrating; it was necessary because the women are often railroaded and take the fall for somebody else, usually their Husband, Boyfriends or child.   

Then I saw the dream characters line up and start to dance and celebrate like what you see in a Bollywood production. There was no real outcome of what eventually happened to the court case, or whether it was discovered that the woman’s Husband was the culprit and if he paid for his misdeeds. There were too many things that didn’t make any conscious sense, except for the choreographic Bollywood dance.  

I guess this experience was influenced by something that took place earlier during the day. Earlier I met a woman from India; from what I got from our conversation one may say that she is an accomplished woman. She said that she lived in several countries, and speaks six languages. She is a divorcee, and she claimed that she was a medical Doctor in Europe working in the British National Health Service (NHS). She also claimed that she did a brief stint as a Police Officer in India, and now in New York, she has certification as an armed guard and armored car guard. You don’t see many women with that type of certifications. Physically She looks healthy and has a nice figure. She is very appealing to me; somebody I wouldn’t mind spending some time with. We exchanged numbers for further contact. Let’s see how this will progress in the near future.

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