The Insect

After another day at the gov’t office where I make a living as a gov’t bureaucrat; I didn’t feel like going to the gym so I ran a couple of errands, got something to eat and took some time to watch the latest series that I’m watching. a science fiction program was called Stargate-SG1.

While watching the program, I drifted off, the funny thing to this is I could still hear the program going on at the same time I was seeing my own images in my head. Perhaps the program influenced the construction of this dream.

The images that I saw started off with some type of insect making it’s nest in the ground. The insect was a cross between a beetle and an ant. A group of soldiers appeared; I got the perception that they were on an expedition to recon and accompany researchers researching something. When the soldiers got back to the base, they had nothing, but one of the soldiers found that they had one the insects in her hair.

The other soldiers that were with the one who found the insects in her hair were examined and it was found that they were also contaminated with the insects. The insects were removed from the Soldiers, gathered up and taken to a lab to be studied.

I heard the Scientist speaking with a Russian or perhaps I heard the Russian accent coming from the TV; mind went what was understood to be a Russian lab that already had advance knowledge of the type of insect that contaminated the soldiers. The Russians started to give the US intelligence information about the insect.

The American military sent another group of soldiers back to the location where the insects were found.  The mission was to exterminate them. They got to the location and started to spray the insecticide. But the insects had a care taker who attacked the soldiers. The fight went on until the officer in charge decided to negotiate with the care taker instead of fighting of fighting them; however, the caretaker was tricked.

The soldiers took the caretaker prisoner; the caretaker did not go willingly, he put up a one to one fight with a soldier. They both fell to the ground and the soldier fired his weapon killing the caretaker.

Then the scene played out again. This time the caretaker was aware of the trickery and the ensuing fight with the soldier and when they fell to the ground the caretaker made a move and ended up mounted on top of the soldier, so when the weapon was fired, the soldier was killed instead of the caretaker……     

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