Robotic Arm

Metallic robot hand

I don’t know what influenced this experience but there was a combination or memories and perhaps a forgotten experience of being injured; or one could say a fragmented memory of being examined. I have had some recollection of medical examination by unknown forces come to the surface lately. Whether or not this experience is correlated to them is unknown at this point. I guess we can make some sort of analysis as time goes on. In this experience it was a normal dream, I did not do any relaxation techniques or self-hypnosis methods. The dream was experienced in the first and third person point of view.

I saw that I had some type of an injury on my left arm. It was like the arm’s skin was sliced and opened, exposing the muscle. I went to a clinic; the type of clinic that I went to isn’t clear; to get to the clinic I could see that I had to walk through a corridor with a shiny floor. At the end of the long corridor there was the clinic’s door. A nurse opened the door for patients who had an appointment. For some reason, I did not go into the room to see the doctor. Instead when I went through the door I found that I was in a location that resembled the Kings County Hospital emergency room.  It looked exactly like the last time I went there to get a medical condition treated a couple of years ago.  The conditions were exactly the same with the exception of the length of time that I spent with the emergency room doctor. While in the doctor’s office, the doctor peeled back the skin on the injured arm; I saw that the muscles and bone were exposed. Then the doctor was conducting some sort of test; as the examination progressed I could see all the arms connections and pivot points; it seemed that the arm was robotic.  When the Doctor finished what he was doing the skin was peeled back over to cover arm the; yet I did not see any stitches on the part of the arm where the skin was opened; nor were there evidence that the arm was ever injured. Once the skin was back on the arm, and the Doctor released me from the clinic the rest of this dream experience became too fragmented to make any sense…

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