During this particular day I’ve had three different types of experiences. Perhaps they are related is some sort of way. Perhaps there was no type of co-relation. Yet there were some common features, I have not been able to put two and two together, perhaps someone may get an insight. If anyone does at least give me an idea.

In this first experience I found that I was in a maze; it was a big hi-rise building and I had to find my way to the correct time line and my place in time. I had some sort of equipment in my hand and as I was going through the building wondering how I would be able to take some time off and go to my doctor’s appointment.  A man appeared out of nowhere and told me that the type of medical condition that I have will end up in either of the following; it would develop into cancer; the condition would stay the same or I would die from the condition; but ultimately I would die anyway. Then I saw my boss; I was told him that I have a doctor’s appointment and I was asking for some time off so that I would be able to go to the appointment.  I did not hear an answer from him, so I put down the box that I was carrying and I followed him to an elevator and told him that I did not hear an answer to my request.  While we were in the elevator my boss found the right combination to put us off at the correct timeline and location where we were supposed to be. After my boss got off the elevator, I had stayed in because I had to go and retrieve my box of items. I took the elevator back to the location where I was before and got off the elevator.

Once off the elevator I saw my desk and that I could not find my box of items because the desk was rearranged, I had to go further onto the floor to look for my box of items. I did not find it on the floor, so I went back into the elevator, and went up one more floor. When I got off the elevator on the new floor I saw that the floor was the exact copy of the floor below. However this floor was occupied. There were two receptionists sitting at the desk and I saw a box that resembled my box. When I picked up the box one of the receptionists stopped me from leaving; she said that the box did not belong to me. I told her that the box was mine, the other receptionist came over, I told them that  my wallet is in the box; when I took out the wallet and opened it; I found that the identity papers that was in the wallet were not mine even though the contents in the wallet looked like it belonged to me. When the first receptionist turned her head I took off and I was heading towards the elevator. Both of the receptionists were chasing me, but I got on the elevator before they caught up to me. I took the elevator back to the location where I left my boss. When I had got off the elevator; I was in a location where a school was. I went into the school; I wanted to see if the school had my name.  I was shown a list of names of the personal that belonged there. My name was not on the list, so I got back on the elevator and was attempting to find the combination of the location where I was supposed to be but I did not know if I had found the location because it was time to get up…..

Later on during the afternoon, I did one of my a relaxation exercises;  I was reciting a basic induction which got me into the hypnotic state. My goal was to see if I would exit the body. I found that I got up off the chair and was walking around in the room. I could see everybody in the room doing their activities. I did not feel that I was out of the body; everything looked and felt as though I was in the physical world and so I went back into the chair and sat down. After coming out of the hypnotic state and got up I realized that I did indeed have exited the body because of the feeling that I often felt after re-entering the body after being astral projected.

During the evening after hours I decided to take a power nap before heading out for some recreation. During the normal sleep cycle phase;  I had appeared in a room and while I was in that room I found that I was being grabbed and held down by some people. I managed to escape. When I escaped I heard an alarm go off. I was eluding them. I was crawling through some machinery which allowed me to exit the building where I was. When I was outside the building I saw it was a tall hi rise. I found my way back on the inside the building where I saw another person who tried to hold me down. Inside the building had resembled a big warehouse. I do not remember if the others came back to hold me down and keep me captive.

I am still pondering the ramifications of this experience. But it has a familiar theme of being held captive by unknown forces. My theories are that being that either a fragmented memory of being abducted held captive and being examined by extraterrestrials. If you go through my dream journal that I’ve mentioned experiences of undergoing some sort of examination by unknown forces.

What do you say?

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