Surreal Reflection


I came across a yoga studio and since I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about yoga especially the parts where the practice helps you to become more energetic and have an abundance of energy throughout the day. Also benefits of helping you become more relaxed, enhancing discipline as well as developing physical flexibility and since the majority of yoga studios are filled with women it is a great way to meet them. What was not anticipated plus I was ignorant about the development of one’s personal energy, about working to attain the kundalini state and the rising of one’s vibrations through the frequency levels of the vocal cords humming. These are the spiritual aspect of yoga the ones that is ignored by many commercial yoga franchises. On my journey of learning psychic self-defensive the spiritual aspect of yoga was validated when I joined the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC)  Another story for another time; anyway, I also was ignorant that after a yoga session that the period of reflection could be the point where the mind becomes open and is ripe for subjective experience for those that are on a certain vibrational level. Even though I put this experience in the dream journal this experience was not a dream, but as surreal as it was it could be put into that category, nor was it an induced meditation; perhaps an example of our essence.

At the end of the yoga instruction the instructor instructed the participants to reflect and let the body absorbed what it was put through;  let the body become heavy and let the spirit rise.  At that point the lights are turned down low and the participants are supposed to reflect on the feeling of the stretches and poses because they it is supposed to help the body cool down, relax and heal itself; as I was laying there and  not really understanding what the point of taking time to reflect on the instruction at that moment I felt that we were just killing time also I did not want the spirit to come out because I don’t know who most of the people in the room was and the location might not be safe. However since I was there I went along with the program.

  As I was laying there, sometimes observing the others by looking side to side; I found that I was unable to feel my upper body. However, I was not worried about it because I recognized that the body was starting to relax; the body gradually became relaxed and I was looking at the ceiling, I saw a big mirror that reflected the whole room. I saw the reflection of all the class participants laying on the floor in the mirror. Then to my surprise the reflection started to act independently.  I heard the participant’s voices; there was laughter and screaming; as I was looking at this big reflection I saw that everybody in the room was engaged in activates that looked crazy. Everybody was rolling around and jumping on each other. I saw one of the men start to strangle himself and when he was strangling himself some of the others participants held his hand so he won’t totally cut off his air supply, but his face still expressed the pain of strangulation of himself was present. I even saw myself engaging in the activities. It looked like that I was the most aggressive person there. I completely dominated as far as physically aggression was concerned. Then I saw myself do some unthinkable acts; I had started to engage in homosexual activities with the men that were there. Then I heard a voice say in a Jamaican patois “what a batty boy” as I saw myself engage in the homosexual activities with the other man I heard other voices saying “eeeee that’s nasty..” “Nasty…”  verbal expressions that I would say giving the disgusting sight that I observed. I was so shocked that I would see a reflection of myself doing these acts. The behavior and acts that I had observed was something that I frown upon and I would not be able to do. The other participants (females &males) that where around me in the reflection was facilitating, encouraging and engaging in the homosexual activities; which was among the crazy acts that was going on. It was as though everybody were lunatics. There was no type of order. I do not know how long I had observed this picture that looked like an alternate universe; with duplicates of ourselves behaving in ways that is contrary to how we would behave in our realty including sexual orientation. The frame was closed when the instructor ended the session; and leaving me with an experience to ponder.

 After getting dressed and as the participants were leaving the room; the woman that was next to me was talking to another woman, whatever they said to each other made them laugh. This caught my attention because the laughter of those two women was among the laughter that I had heard when I had observed the activities in the reflection. I’ve never heard them laugh before; this validated that the reflection I saw was a representation of our world….

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  1. Hello True George,

    Now that was a bizarre but interesting experience.

    Maybe it was a reflection and assumption and crazy semi-daydream of elements of the people there, but who knows.

    Thank you for sharing this experience.

    -John Jr

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