Grabbed by The Wrist


I finished writing out my self-hypnosis meditation induction script and I had put it on tape. I used the sound of deep-sea waves as the background noise that was provided from the computer screen saver. The breathing exercise was the first instruction on the tape, and then the script follows. After the induction there is a pause in the tape; the pause was put in to allow the experience to take place, before the script to bring myself out of state follows. The goal of this self-hypnosis session was to allow the astral body to travel, observe the event that is taking place, and verify if what was observed took place in realty.

Using the script, I had went under; on two occasions I opened and closed the eyes to get a deeper sense of trance; after the words finished and the pause was running, I felt my legs raise, then I saw the legs in the air. I saw the bone then the flesh and then I saw the arms. It was weird that I saw the outline, then the bone, then complete limb. I got up and as I got up I saw that my body was illuminating light. I went through the room door then went through the apartment’s front door and down the stairs. While I was going down the stairs I had observed the Super R sweeping the hallway. He was on the last stairwell and when he moved to the side, and I walked past him and went out through the building’s front door. I was in the street, my intention was to travel to the Bronx and observe the events in Dr.J’s room, call him and verify if those events did indeed happen. I floated upwards to a height where I could see the city while I traveled to the Bronx. However, I kept on going upwards little by little, then after I went past Manhattan I lost my way. It seemed that there was a wind and I was following the wind’s path. I could not control the speed or height. I went upward so much that I saw an aircraft. The air craft looked like it was military. I passed through the craft and went to the cockpit where I saw the pilots. Then suddenly I was back in my room. I had a sensation or something under the knee. It felt like an insect crawling on my leg; I scratched that area to relive the itching. While sitting in the room it felt though I was turned around, because the table with the candles was now on my left, and I was facing the closet. The candles appeared to have been blown out. Then I felt someone, or something hold onto my wrists and was pulling as though they wanted me to get up. Whoever or whatever was pulling my arms out of body is a mystery because I did not hear or see anyone and since I did not see or heard anyone; I resisted and I pulled back. Eventually I gained control. As I took back my arms, there was another attempt to pull me out, again. However, I prevailed in gaining control. I thought that the candles had gone out because I did not see the glow, and I saw the candles without a flame. Then I heard the recorded script on the tape saying the induction to bring me back out of state. After coming out of state and fully awake, I felt the feeling as though someone had a firm grip on my wrists. It was the feeling like when someone holds your wrist tightly then let go you feel the relief of the blood flow reliving the tight feeling.

Over all I had not attained the level of relaxation that I usually get when doing self-hypnosis meditation. I felt that this was just a light trance. The exception was that there was an objective even though I did not reach the planned destination because of a lack of control of the flying and how high I went. Also, there was no set route. Next time I will start with something that is closer with a defined route….

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    • It was a journey in it self thinking about it the randomness of experiences is almost like it was planned. Anyway I”ll give a brief overview. It started of with my dreams becoming more & more profound, working in environments where spiritual activity was taking place and meeting like minded people who studied and taught Silva Mind Control, hypnosis, mediation, Nuero Linguistic Programming, Coming across the IAC taking courses and being invited to study groups etc..
      Upon being more spiritual aware people become more open to you; somehow you avoid conflict, and at times what you have in mind manifests in one way or another……there are other attributes but that depends on your emotional and spiritual maturity


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