Speed Projection

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 During the I had decided to do an energy exercise that was taught to me at the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) it is called the Basic Movement of energy. During the exercise I had the tingling sensation in my arms; the one which I get just before an experience is about to happen. I could not recall what had happened in this experience, things were not clear. After looking at the clock, I suspect that I was in the experience for at least an hour and a half.

Later on, during the evening; I had just finished eating some chicken wings, and was watching some of the therapy techniques that Ross Jeffries developed and was using with some of his students during an advance speed seduction seminar. Afterwards when I felt a bit relaxed from the day’s activities I started to perform the Basic movement of energy exercise. I was moving the energy from my head to the toes; at the same time, I was doing a breathing exercise. After that I went into the count down while doing the controlled breathing technique. At this point nothing was really happening. Then I began to feel the right part of my hand from the index finger to the fore finger begin to tingle; the type of sensation that one feels when the blood is not circulating properly. I managed to ignore that feeling for the time being, I then felt the myself was going upwards; I was moving very fast until I found that I was at the water front in NYC harbor. I flew past the Statue of Liberty, and I was picking up more speed and still traveling. Then I saw that I was in the midst of war ships; they were old war ships with cannons sticking out of the ship’s port. The ships were just sitting there and it looked as though the ships were not used for a number of years; and then I found myself back into the body.

At this point I found that I had to move my arm to get rid of the sensation of the blood not circulating the sensation had spread to my legs. I had to move my left leg before the feeling became totally uncomfortable. While I was bending the leg up I suddenly found myself being propelled backwards, as I was being propelled backwards. While I was being propelled backwards I also found myself being turned around.  Then I came across a scenery; it was a group of Roman soldiers pulling what I identified to be artillery cannons. The cannons were mounted on a wooden cart and the cart was being manually pulled by the Roman soldiers. They did not have a horse to assist with the manual labor of pulling the cart. Then there was a shift in scenery; it was now a street in modern times.  I was with the unit and we were in some type of conflict. We were in the self-propelled howitzers. We were going up one block, and the enemy was going down the block that was parallel to us. We fire a round at the enemy; at that point the events that happened after the round was fired was not clear…. I was propelled back into body.

As I came back to the body, I was still in the trance state when I glimpse of a word written on the carpet in front of the table where the candles are mounted. I saw the word “fuck me,” I was kind of surprise to see that type of message, I had to look twice. I do not know what kind of entity would put down a message like that, and I do not know what it is supposed to mean. Then I saw a tea shirt; it was a sports tea shirt, the kind that my brother T would wear. Then I saw that there were different candles mounted on the table and that my candles were put to the side. The different candles that were lit and were also mounted on a black, or brown candle mount. Then suddenly the lit candle flames went out. and they were located at the front part of the table.

Then I found myself coming out of the experience; while I was coming out the trance state I could swear I had saw something that resembled a red bicycle lock that was locked on the back wheel of the my bicycle that was in the room…..

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