Reflection of Self

reflection 2

 It was 11:05 pm and I decided to go through the same process that I had done before to put myself in the self- hypnosis meditation with the goal to see what type of experience I will have. The fist thing that I did was the basic movement of energy exercises (BME). The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) recommended that the Basic Movement of Energy (BME) should be done before any type of mental or meditations done . While I was sitting in the chair and going through the motions; I had the feeling in the left ear as though something was leaking out of the ear.  It felt as though fluid was coming out of the ear. Perhaps it was a form of ectoplasm. As I doing the BME and concentrating and controlling the energy moving it to the top of my head. I put a little bit more concentration that focused on the left ear, and directed the leakage that it should go where the rest of the energy is going. The leakage turned upwards towards where the rest of the energy was being directed.  I had moved the energy up and down, each time at a fast rate; I was also doing the breathing exercise.

Then after a while I saw that was different colors. There was a blue back ground, and rectangle colors of blue, and red. I could hear myself taking deep breaths, and then I saw my reflection. The reflection showed me stopping the self-hypnosis and being angry; I got the feeling that the reflected self was angry because no astral projection was achieved. In the reflection I shouted in anger then I saw in the reflection that there was a yellow bicycle that was hanging on the wall. Even though I do not have a yellow bicycle hanging on my wall.  When I shouted in anger (in the reflection), the force of my voice made the yellow bicycle fall down off the wall and hit the bicycle that that I usually keep in the room.  After the yellow bicycle hit the other bike, both bicycles went up in the air and fell back down…..then the experience was over.

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