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office conflict

I came home and took a short nap before heading out to conduct my other activities. Given that the nap was short in duration. The dream was lengthy. Then again I sometimes forget that the passage of time in the mind is a matter of perception and that the measured time in the physical could either be perceived as very short in duration or very long in duration in the mind’s frame of reference. The factors involved are the emotions, the setting of the event and whether the event is real or imagined.

The dream itself had an element of reality. The elements are my moves to create a business and the conflicts and corruption at the place where I make my living as a gov’t bureaucrat. It was a combination of real and imagined events fused together that developed into something that could have taken place under the right conditions or perhaps in the reflection world…..

I wanted to open a business and it seemed that I would have to get some information from a company in order to do so; and afterwards I would have to go to a grocery store (bodega) to open some sort of account.  While I was standing in front of a mailbox, I was calling the company on my cell phone for the instructions. The first number I called, there was a recording and it turned out to be the wrong number. I looked at the paper which had the number written on, then I dialed the number again; for some reason I dialed a nine before the area code, so the call did not go through. Then a woman approached me; she had a hand written note, it was from the head gov’t bureaucrat at the gov’t building where I make my living as a gov’t bureaucrat. She wrote that my fellow gov’t bureaucrats and the gov’t building peace officers verified that my interviews were quick and that I did not spend enough time with the taxpayers to get information thoroughly.

Also she wrote that I was using too much sexual magnetism to influence the taxpayers to do whatever I wanted them to do. I said to myself, “this is crazy,” the taxpayers say whatever they need to say within ten minutes of the interview, and whatever pertinent information in needed is given within the time frame before the interview is over. I believe that my fellow bureaucrats and gov’t building peace officers must be lying. The note also stated that two of the cases that I worked on were not done correctly, and that she need to see me over that matter.

The woman who had brought me the note was speaking Spanish, she told me that she was denied gov’t compensation. Somehow the documents were in front of me and I looked them over, and I saw that she was denied because she was pending on another application along with other members of her family. The cases in question that the head gov’t bureaucrat said was done incorrectly belonged to a relative of hers and that the relative sent her to find me so that the note could be delivered to me. I asked the Spanish speaking woman “how do you know that I was the person you are looking for?” I cannot recall what the answer to that question was. I can only recall that she said that she did not have any money to go back home, so I gave her $20 to find her way back.

The setting changed to the morning perhaps the following day; I went to the gov’t building to see what the head gov’t bureaucrat was talking about. She said that there were a number of errors on some of the cases that I was working on before I took a leave of absence. The head gov’t bureaucrat also stated that all the other cases were reviewed and the discrepancies were accounted for. The only cases that were not found were the two that was mentioned. She asked if I could locate them. She also told me that I cannot do interviews with a gov’t building peace officer being present, and that the interviews must be at least an hour long, and if I don’t comply I will be fired.

The reason for this was that an angry taxpayer killed a fellow gov’t bureaucrat. The name of the gov’t bureaucrat that got killed was Cristina Cuebello. She was some body that I knew, not as a gov’t bureaucrat but as a taxpayer seeking gov’t compensation. Since I did not really have any problems with the any taxpayer, and that I do a quick interview and receive all the pertinent information without discrepancies; the Union President, told me that the union is fighting that restrictive measure, and that he would hire me if I were fired over this situation. I then went to the record room to locate the case files. I found one of the files; this taxpayer has been receiving gov’t compensation for a long time. The taxpayer had multiple case files. I also managed to find the other case file a fellow gov’t bureaucrat came in the record room and she was recording something. I decided that it was a good idea for me to record the data in the case files.

At one point in the dream I was in the main area where the interviews are conducted.  My fellow gov’t bureaucrats were commenting that they thought that I was on leave. I saw Ms. S, the clerk that is confused about her sexual identity, was looking at me. Maybe the Speed Seduction techniques that I was using on her the other day had an effect. But overall she does not know whether to have relations with a woman or man preferable with me.

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    • My brother and other people that I knew while growing up says that I didn’t speak much but I took mental notes. I tend to recall things that the average person forgets. With dreams it depends on how profound they were. The recollection varies from lasting minutes to days. I usually write them down when I get up. If I can’t it is done within 24 hours, but the longer I wait to do it the less I recall….The ones that are detailed is because it was so profound that it is retained for a while or I wrote it down as soon as I got up……


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