Another Gathering

gathering 2

Nowadays some dream gets stranger and stranger, yet there are some familiar themes that is recognized. But the events of the dream may have some type of meaning. It isn’t apparent what the meaning determines, at least not now.

In this one I dreamed that I was back living in the house where I grew up; we had visitors; they were all family members and there were a lot of them.  All the bedrooms were filled up; some of the individuals had to share rooms. There was one female member of the family who would not sleep at night; she did was wandering around. I got up to go to the bathroom, this female member of the family wanted to use the bathroom but she allowed me use the bathroom first. Then my father also got up to use the bathroom.  I said to my father, look she allowed us use the bathroom first because she wants to conceal that she is wandering around…

There was a room next to the kitchen; I decided to move my things into that room because it was bigger. I had my two computers and two televisions; I wanted to move both computer monitors into the same location and have an area where I could put the printer and the processing unit. Before I could do anything two of my cousins came into the room that I wanted to leave and started watching T.V. Each one had turned on one of the T.V sets and was watching their own program. I could not tell them to leave the room because they were visitors, and if I did it would get my parents upset. I had to wait until they were finished and left by themselves. The dream had ended on that note….

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