Power Outage

no electricity

This dream had three different themes, yet none of them had a real conclusion….

I had seen a juice bar and when I went in the only the product that it was selling was colonic cleanser, like the one that I had brought a couple of weeks ago.

I was in my apartment, I went outside, and there were a crowd of people standing around the street I don’t know if they were protesting. When I went over to see what was going on I saw someone that was supposed to represent Ms. L my boss at work only this woman looked younger, and she did not resemble the Ms. L that I know. She told me that the electricity had gone out. I said that I still had power in my apartment. She asked if I checked, I said yes, even though I did not check. I had based my assumption on the fact that my electric fan was still operating. It also seemed that my building was the borderline where there were electric power on one side of town, and a power outage on the other side of town. The building appeared to be blue. The traffic light in the intersection was yellow; the cars were slowly passing through the light. The drivers in the cars were treating the intersection as a two way stop sign, whoever was at the intersection first, was the first car to pass through.

I was at the juice bar, when I saw two women that I knew. The women were not identified, I felt as though I knew them. They wanted to do something that required electric power. I offered them the use of  my apartment, because I still had power, but the women who was serving the juices said that they don’t have time to use my apartment, that there is another apartment that was available that they could use. The available apartment was an apartment between my building and the juice bar.

I saw another woman that I felt that I knew; yet physically I did not recognize who she was. She had a very mean attitude; she was very nasty towards other people. She had just come to the USA from England. She suggested that I should take a trip back to England; there was also some mention of going there just for the weekend. There was a special price of $ 159.00 with no hotel accommodations. Then I saw a performance of some type, it was a circus performance where some people in the dream were dressed up as clowns. The woman with the attitude was in the performance, but she was not dress up like a clown. It turned out that the woman was pregnant. She did not tell anybody. She said that she had an affair with one of her teachers, the man was at least forty years her senior. It seemed that she had met up with the teacher when she became an adult that is when the affair took place, now she has an unwanted pregnancy. This was the reason for her attitude.

I still don’t know the meaning behind this dream? The only part that makes sense is that I should go and take a trip to the United Kingdom. Also I did have an idea to get a colon cleansing after I heard about the health benefits of doing it…. Otherwise the common thing on all the themes was meeting some female that I don’t recognize but had the feeling I knew them.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was a strange combination of dream themes.

    It is interesting how we sometimes feel that we know someone in a dream and / or recognize someone as a certain person even if they look different and / or even if we do not know anyone like that in real life.

    In my dream last night I had two young fictional sisters, I do not have any sisters in real life, but in my dream I did not realize or remember that.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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