Bed Fellows

            Have you ever seen a Republican and Democratic be good friends, well True_George can assure you that there is no love lost between Democrats and Republicans, they truly sleep in the same bed.  Its like how Southern Women treated Northern Men shortly after the end of the American Civil war. The women would go around, cussing and even spitting at the Men from the North during the day. But, at night time they were shaking their behinds and enticing the Men from the North into their bedroom chambers.

Well True_George is about to cook up and serve you a main course and the ingredients is about the Bush and Obama family relationship. You see, Obama’s step Dad Lolo Soetero has done a lifetime worth of business with the Bush family, primary with George Herbert Walker jr who incidentally is an Uncle to Daddy Bush.    

The interesting thing about Lolo Soetoro is that he was also an executive Vice President with the Rockefeller’s Standard oil, plus he was a Colonel in the Indonesian Army. It is purported that he ran the Indonesian Army’s Death squad.

So when Daddy Bush became head of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A) with the Ford Administration, he tapped his old friend Lolo to help pull of CIA sanctioned hits.

Naturally, the relationship stemmed down to the children and spouses. When there is a good business relationship with someone who is respected, it is common that there is also some sort of a social relationship between the families. Perhaps, getting together for barbecues, birthday celebrations or even celebrating a successful business venture.

 So now in contemporary times when there is some sort of gathering that Bush Jr and Obama attends. Bush Jr often pulls some candy from his pocket, and pass it over to Michelle Obama, who often giggles as she accepts it.

What they are doing is something symbolic between the Bush and Obama families, because it is the same type of candy that Bush jr used to give Barack when he was eight years old.     

Strange bedfellows indeed..

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