Nobody loves a snitch, that is at least is what most people will say in public. But the truth of the matter is that people snitch on other people all the time.

In recent times there was a high-profile case of snitching that involved a celebrity that played itself out. Yeah, if you don’t know it by now, I’m talking about that rap artist Tekashi 6ix9ine, who snitched on his associates from the Nine Trey Bloods.

People were up in arms on the social media platforms, calling 6iX9ine a rat, snitch, and even going as far as finding many reasons questioning why 6iX9ine is helping the authorities when is also guilty of colluding with the Nine Trey.

Are you kidding me! Excuse me for asking, but are the members of the Nine Trey a pillar and upstanding members of any community? We all know the answer.

So, was it so bad that 6ix9ine snitched? No, it isn’t, in fact whether 6ix9ine know it or not he really did the community a favor and helped take a crew of criminals off the streets, making the community a bit safer.

One person who surprisingly was a critic of the 6ix9ine snitching is the iconic radio, turned youtuber star, and self-professed objective hater and snitcher; Tori Torain aka STAR (Strange Thoughts and Revelations) a man who tells you that he has snitched on other people to get from being arrested. He has created an organization called the “snitch network.”  Encouraging people to snitch. Unfortunately, the website is still under construction.

Otherwise, if I see someone getting mugged, yeah, I’m going to snitch, and if someone were to see me get mugged, I hope someone will snitch on the mugger.   


  1. I think I like the German attitude to law and order best – they mostly don’t see why on earth anyone would break the law as they can see it’s all there for their own protection and the good of society – I tend to take that view myself.

    I’d certainly report criminal activity if I saw it…

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  2. Thanks for your contribution to today’s prompt. It does seem the general public sentiment is leniency towards those who defy the law. Unless the illegal type is doing something that hurts them. As you said, “If someone’s mugging me…” In which case “The cops should be on this a lot quicker!”


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