This was one of those dreams where you are not an active participant in the events, but an observer. The only difference is that you can not only see and hear, but also feel what the participants are feeling.

It started out observing two people’s heads bobbing up and down in the ocean waves. It was a man and woman; they were stuck in the ocean between the beach and the pier boardwalk. They were caught in rough waves. They found that they could not make it to the beach, so they decided to see if they can make it to the pier.  But, the ocean’s waves were too strong.

The man screamed at the woman, “do not fight the waves, and do not swim against it,” because you won’t win.” He said, “follow me and swim across the waves, that way we can still manage to make it to the pier.”

With their heads bobbing up and down, they were doggie paddling across the waves, the plan was working. Before they could reach the pier, they came across a small island that was covered up by the ocean’s water. The island wasn’t so emerged, they could still stand up and their heads were above the ocean’s surface.

They were relived to be on the island, because now they could get a well-deserved rest. They could go on and swim for the pier later. While on the island, they found an old jet ski and it had some gas in it. The man thinks that there is enough gas to take them back to the beach. He put the jet ski in the ocean and tested it. The test was successful. He told the woman “let’s get out of here and back, to the beach.”

The man sat on the Jet ski and threw the woman the rubber float, and when the woman laid down on it, the float sank beneath the waves. But Both the man and the woman weren’t worried, because they knew when the Jet ski starts to move the float will come back to the surface. 

The jet ski started to move, dragging the float with the woman on it, when the jet ski reached a certain velocity, the float started to come up to the surface. But before it surfaced, a great big shark swam up and it had its big mouth wide open.

Momentary the woman lost her grip, and she fell off the float, before she could swim up to the surface to call out to the man that she is no longer on the float. She fell into the shark’s mouth. The shark closed its mouth and swam deeper in the ocean with the woman in its mouth, then he swallowed her.

The shark started to get stomach pains, so it decided to regurgitate, and spit out the woman. Now she is in the abyss of the ocean and don’t know how long she could hold her breath. Then a giant turtle was coming by, swimming on its way up to the surface. She grabbed on the giant turtle and was on the back of it shell. The turtle was very swift, and it wasn’t long before it broke the ocean’s surface, giving the woman a breath of fresh air.   

The turtle was heading to the shore of a nearby island to lay its eggs. Lucky for the woman there were a group of conservationists conducting a study on the island, and they had a vessel anchored offshore; they saw the woman on top of the giant turtle when the turtle emerged from the ocean. After the woman jumped off the turtle’s back, they rescued her, before the Komodo Dragons could get to her.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved 

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