Law of One

law of 1

 The Law of One_book_1 is a series of books by researchers Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty. It is the basic principle that all is one and that all things that exist are ultimately the same essence within many forms and configurations. The books describe some of the questions that people may find important. Questions such as why, how and where everything comes from, and what is it’s place in the manifest of creation. What is written also explores the aspect of creation as it relates to life which includes philosophy, religion, science, spirituality, history and the paranormal.

The researchers did not write these books based on their own thoughts and ideas. They got the information from channeling.  This is a form of communication between humans and entities which usually are from higher dimensions. Now be aware that the technique of channeling is the same type that was used by the secret societies during the late 19th and early 20th century.  The type of entity varies; it could be angelic beings, nature spirits, and spirits of the departed, extraterrestrials or even animals or pets.  In this case the channeling was done with an extraterrestrial being who called himself Ra. This entity is a sixth density life form of pure energy who describes himself as being a single entity that is composed of an entire civilization of extraterrestrials that is fused into one unified consciousness.

The information that is of particular interest is session 8. This session originally was left out of the books because the information that it revealed was considered un-believable by those doing the channeling given the level of technology that was available on the market at that point in time. In session 8 there were direct references to the United States government and the technology that was in their possession at that point in time that was unknowing to the general public; and the existence of the secret space program (SSP).   Now, in the 1980’s the technology and the governmental activities sounded far fetch, but now thanks to insiders and whistle blowers a lot of that information is coming to light.   It was seventeen years since the publication of the books that session 8 was not made available; it is now included in book five of the new editions.

Some of the information that was revealed was that the U.S was building air craft of the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) type.  The reason for manufacturing these air crafts was not intended for the advancement of mankind, but for purposes of waging war.

“Your peoples have, at this time/space present, the technological achievement, if you would call it that, of being able to create and fly the shape and type of craft known to you as unidentified flying objects.”

“Unfortunately for the social memory complex vibratory rate of your peoples, these devices are not intended for the service of mankind, but for potential destructive use.”

Questioner: Are these craft that are of our peoples from what we call planes that are not incarnate at this time?

Where are they based?

. These of which we spoke are of third density and are part of the so-called military complex of various of your peoples’ societal divisions or structures.

Even though the word “industrial” was not used when the entity Ra mentioned the “military complex” it was the very thing that Eisenhower warned the nation about in the 1950’s ( .  Now we need to remember that back during the 1980’s the space programs that existed were established before World War II and well developed. However in the early 1980’s the U.S started a new program called “Solar Warden. ” It was also purported that the military complex had secret bases where the man built UFO’s were based and according to the entity Ra:

“The bases are varied.”

“There are bases, as you would call them, undersea in your southern waters near the Bahamas as well as in your Pacific seas in various places close to your Chilean borders on the water.”

“There are bases upon your moon, as you call this satellite, which are at this time being reworked.”

8.5 Questioner: Am I to understand then that the United States has these craft in undersea bases?

Ra:…You are correct.

8.6 Questioner: How did the United States learn of the technology to build these land [and sea bases and craft]?

Ra:… There was a mind/body/spirit complex known to your people by the vibratory sound complex, Nikola.

This is where things get really interested. The entity Ra is calming that the U.S got the technology from the notes that the Federal Agents stole from Nikola Tesla when he died. For those who don’t know it is a known fact that upon the death of Nikola Tesla FBI agents confiscated his papers, and notes. Now according to the entity Ra, the U.S gov’t has advance its technology based on some of Tesla’s work.

“This entity departed the illusion and the papers containing the necessary understandings were taken by mind/body/spirit complexes [that means ‘people’] serving your security of national divisional complex.”

Thus, your people became privy to the basic technology.

In the case of those mind/body/spirit complexes which you call Russians, the technology was given from one of the Confederation [that’s the positive folks] in an attempt, approximately twenty-seven of your years ago, to share information and bring about peace among your peoples. [1953-54]

The entity Ra also revealed that other extraterrestrial groups saw that the United States processions of the type of technology and development of weapons, and aircraft plus extended their influence on the secrets bases all for the destructive purposes.  The group decided to give the Russians access to the same technology in hopes of balancing power. That if the Russians have the same capabilities then the U.S may abandon their plans of destruction. It turns out that the Russians started to use the technology along the same lines what the U.S was doing. None of the goals was done to benefit mankind, but to wage war and have the potential of creating destruction.

The entity goes on to talk about the development of electromagnet energy technologies such as psychotropic. This is an interface of the mind and electromagnetic energy. Reference was made of programs to control the weather. We could see the manifestation of this type of technology in the HARRP program (

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