The dream began with me passing through a small rural town somewhere down south. I had some sort of accident or traffic violation, because I had to see a Judge. It might have been one of those set up to extort money from passing motorists that small towns often do. The Judge said that I had to serve some time doing community service. It seemed that I was in the medical field and I had to work at the local clinic. I was supposed to be at another location by a certain time for a job interview. I remembered that I had asked permission to go to the interview. The Judge had refused my request. As I was on the phone telling the company’s secretary that I cannot make the interview, I saw tears running down my checks.

The next thing that I saw was some people that I knew (none of the faces was familiar) but I had the feeling that I know them. They were saying that I disappeared. Apparently I was missing. It had been a couple of days or weeks, not sure how long but it was for a considerable amount of time. One of them went to the state where I was last seen; he went to conduct a search to see if he could locate me. The scene shifted to a church; contact was made with a woman, they left the church before the service was over. When they left there was a Black Woman with some Police Officers waiting outside. At that point I don’t remember the conversation; eventually they  were told to go home. The next scene that I saw was either me or someone else that was a representation of me in the woods. I attacked a police Officer from behind. The attack was a calculated offense made in order to defend myself. I saw another Police Officer run up to me to try and help his partner. I successfully fought the both of them off. At that point a third Officer came up and hit me from behind, I was knocked out. After that there is on conscience memory as to what happened next…

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  1. Hello True George,

    Your dreams sounds like it could be made into a film, it could be the basis for Get Out 2. 😀

    I am not sure if the film Get Out is on Netflix yet but it is on DVD, and so you can probably rent it for free from your local library. 😉

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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