Pamela was having a psychotic episode she was verbalizing that she was raped. Whether there is some validity to this claim is a mystery. The staff isn’t paying Pamela any attention as far as her claim of being raped is concerned. The problem is that Pamela is pre-occupied with sex and she solicit sex from all of the male patients ( ).  She goes as far as to sneak into the male patients room for the purpose of having sex. Sometimes she engages in sexual activity with more the one male at the same time.  Another reason; one of Pamela’s disorders is being a psychotic; and what whatever psychotic delusion she may have does not have to be based on reality, or a past experience. Between the psychotic rants of being a rape victim she was usually reserved and does not interact with anyone. But this weekend she sat down and actually played a hand of cards. After the card came during visiting hours Pamela started ranting about being rapped again. When her parents came to visit she became agitated; and when the psychotic delusions hit she started to openly accuse her father of raping her. The more she accused her father of rape; the more aggressive she got. Things were escalating so much that two staff members intervened. This did little to de-escalate the situation. It only made Pamela become more aggressive that she started top lash out at the staff members and hit them. When Pamela’s mother attempted to calm her down Pamela slapped her mother. So now that Pamela was out of control a member of the staff  pressed the panic button; and the three big burly guys came into the unit and restrained Pamela. While the big guys were restraining her the nurse on duty gave Pamela a shot to sedate her. Pamela was taking to her room to sleep off the effects.

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