Recently I came across some information that there are online courses in Demonology. In case you didn’t know Demonology means the study of Demons. This topic of interest is becoming more and more popular with people who engage in paranormal investigations. It is now recognized that many disturbances are demonic in nature and that the investigators need the information to deal with the demons. So much for the days of the most famous Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren ( as far as I know were the only non-clergy who the Vatican gave authorization to perform an exorcist. I don’t know why or how the Catholic Church was given the right to monopolize performing the rites of exorcism. What makes the Catholic Church administration think that performing an unsanctioned exorcism will be less effective than a sanctioned performance? True_George does not have the answers, if you can help me out then I’m all ears. What I do know is that demons will come back to the place where they were exorcised from if they do not have a place to go. Ultimately, exorcism is not effective because the demons often return to cause havoc. One needs to make fundamental changes and to keep up the pressure to keep the demons away.

The Protestants have their version of the rites of exorcism. It is called deliverance. Those that perform the rites of deliverance do not need the express permission from a denomination’s governing body. If the performer believes that it needs to be done then they can do it. But of course those who perform the rites of deliverance need to be trained in these matters just like a fire fighter needs to be trained in the art of fighting fire; after all an untrained person is liable to be consumed by the fire. In this case the demonic will consume the untrained demonologist.

Are the rites of deliverance more effective than the rites of exorcist? I bet the protestant will say yes, and the Catholicism will say no. The same holds water that ultimately the demonic will return if it has no place to go. If the demonic doesn’t return, odds are it has found someone or someplace else to oppress. The Spirit Release Therapists will say that it is irresponsible to allow a demonic entity to roam free; it does more harm than good (.

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  1. shalom shalom ahki. people are daemons that assist Satan in destroying and capturing souls. same as aliens /angels fell from the heavens becoming daemons..Some people are not just regular people but are already in hell spiritually. like one man reached deep down in his soul and saw hell and painted a picture of what he saw…

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    • Shalom thanks for reading.
      Actually the demons are the souls of the hybrid creatures that died during the great flood. Read the Book of Enoch. This is one of the books that King James removed from the Bible. It will tell you about the Watchers…..


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