Martha Stewart


This was a time when I was involved with what could be described as mental development, which crossed over into spiritual development. I was working with various people included the founder of the N.Y Hypnosis center John P; this guy also founded the world’s largest hypnosis practice group the Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers. I was one of the original members; John would develop some of the techniques that he would later use with his clients when he opened up the N.Y Hypnosis Center. Being part of that group was a very good experience it opened the door to meeting all types of colorful personalities who were part of the who’s who in the New York City hypnosis and mental, mind training and psychology community. There was collaboration with George Bien and Major Mark Cunningham, Trudy Beers (hypnotist to the star celebrities)  the N.Y.C underground Seduction Lair. It seems that those in that community intertwine because with every function one goes too you will see familiar faces. This was in addition to doing my own activities with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). Then there were the study groups. I had the privilege to be allowed into the 7th Path Hypnosis group which lead me to more mind control development.

Well you may ask what all this has to do with my dream journal. If you’ve have not guessed it already, but then again I’ve already made some things obvious and if you have not picked up on it then like Jay-Z said “I feel bad for you son…”  all I can say is read past dream journal entries and stay tuned for future entries and have a discussion once in a while and maybe you’ll learn the impact of what was just revealed.

This experience began while I was waiting for my computer to process my latest project. It was an Astral Projection C.D mixing together the induction that Bill the Soul Clearer gave to the 7th path hypnosis group and the binary wave generator sound effects; I supposed that putting it all together influenced dream.

 The first that came to my mind was Martha Stewart and the situation that she experienced some time ago concerning the insider trading scandal. It came to mind how she looks good for her age and that I wouldn’t mind spending the night with her and tearing that ass up. Then I saw that I was in a place where there was a woman that represented Stewart. We were in a place that resembled the dojo where I used to practice karate. At first I did not say anything to her; it looked like she did not want to bothered with me; then I went upstairs to where the other members of the Karate class were. Stewart also came upstairs, then she bumped into me; it looked like she did not want to be bothered with me then I found myself talking to her, and asked her if she would like to spend some time with me; she agreed. However, she did not want to take her car, and my car was in the garage too far away for me to get to it. Then we went down stairs, where I decided to take her to a hotel instead of to my apartment. Then I felt a tap on my arm which then put me in a semi sleep state; then I saw three members of the karate class; they had their car, and they gave us Steward & I) a lift. I saw that we were traveling along the North Conduit Ave, where we came to the Linden Hotel; it is an expensive hotel, but I knew that Stewart would pay for the room. I got out of the car,  and was standing across the street from the hotel. I did not see Steward exit the car and I was alone in the street while the car that we traveled in drove off…..

The touch on my arm was physical I knew it was not a touch that was manufactured in the dream. there was someone in the room. It was already established with my talk with Wagner, that it is possible that extra physical intruders would sometimes make contact if they were in need of energy to move on. Maybe the dream was induced by this intruder that wanted me to dream of having sex and absorb the energy generated by the sexual excitement. Why the object of desire was Martha Stewart is beyond me?

Next time I see Wagner I’m going to have to discuss this experience with him.

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