Back at the office of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) as part of my energetic development I was to participate in two Vibrational State Laboratories. It is a funny thing once you’re in the IAC’s classroom the energy levels there are so different that the experience that takes place can be profound.  Let’s just say that personal demons and attachments can be revealed as well as a protecting force. Well some people may not be ready to unlock self.

When I arrived everything was already set up for me to begin. I went into the room and the light were dimmed and air conditioner set to a comfortable temperature. I sat in the recliner and started s moving the energies up and down to install the vibrational state. While the vibrational state was being installed I had heard the door leading to the main office open; however, I was still moving the energies when I felt myself starting to separate from the physical body. At first it was difficult to separate; but the faster the energies moved separation became easier.

After the separation took place I had went through the door that lead to the main office; at least I thought it was the main office’s door. When I went through the door the atmosphere in the room was watery. I saw a man and a woman and they were watching the computer’s monitor observing some sort of scientific experiment that was going on. The scene on the computer was very graphic and not pleasant at all. I went back through the door to where I was sitting and when I went to get up from the chair where I was I saw that the man was in the room with me and he had some sort of needle and he stuck it in my arm. I took offensive of a needle being stuck into my arm, it put me on the defensive and I began to fight. I left the room and went into the hall way; I saw the woman coming towards me and she also had a needle in her hand. At first I physically fended her off and then I decided use an energetic self-defensive measure.  I exerted some energy to see if it would stop her. The measure worked; she fell apart. The man came out of the room and I repeated the same action; he resisted but eventually he too fell apart. Then I saw someone else come out of the room; at that point, I made my exit through the wall.

After I went through the wall, it seemed that I entered some sort of chamber where all the experiments were kept.  Each time I went through the adjoining wall, I ended up in a different chamber. I saw that each chamber had a different caretaker; it looked like the caretakers were starting to follow me each time I passed through a chamber. I was moving at a great speed and most of the caretakers could not keep up with me. Finally, I went through the last room; when I went through that room that the room’s caretaker was almost as fast as I was, but I was one step ahead of him. Then I came to some sort of library; there were occupants in the library and they were non-threaten. I knew that the others were coming and that it would be a problem. So I said to the occupants of the library “let’s hold hands and combine our energies to get rid of the threat. Only a small number of the Library’s occupants came down to hold hands. The others did not move. Then the caretakers entered the library and when that happened  the rest of the library’s occupants who wasn’t cooperating rushed to come and hold hands. I was the one who directed the flow of the energy, as the energies were being exorcized, the caretakers started to crumble away. Then I saw that the entire building was starting to fall apart. The caretakers were no more and I could see the building parts as well as the caretaker’s parts float around in the watery atmosphere. Then to my surprise, the library’s occupants started to crumble away. One woman was scared; she did not want to crumble, but it happened anyway. There were only two Library occupants remaining; and since they were not in good shape I stepped in and smashed them down. Then I decided to create a whirl pool to cleanse the entire area. So I spun around and created a big whirl pool so that the area could be cleansed.  Suddenly found myself in the street; the weather was the same as it was during the day in the real physical; world. I understood that the location was a street in Queens and I was waiting for a car to pick me up. While waiting for the ride I was transported back into the physical body.

Once I was back in the physical I started to move the energies again keeping in mind the experience that just happened so that I could record it. Then same condition occurred as before; I heard the door open and then I heard the door close. This time I saw someone in the room with me. He was sitting at the side of the chair where I was. It was much easier to get up and out from the physical body. I went through the door to the main office. I saw Dave the IAC New York Director and his wife at the computer. Then I saw another version of Dave he was younger, and then I saw Dave as an older man with a beard, and middle aged Dave with a pony tail hair style. I saw the Dave with the pony tail had a suit case and we were both walking out the door on our way to the airport to catch a plane to Australia (Dave & his wife are Australians), the words that  uttered was  “let’s tinker out here,” the physical body had an irritation in the throat which made me  cough, and cough making me be recalled back to the physical ending the experience…..

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