Came back home after spending the day at the place that gives me the ability to pay the bills and put food on the table; I wasn’t physical or emotional tired on this particular day. Being in an environment serving as a gov’t bureaucrat and dealing with the often negative and intruding   energies of the gov’t clientele can linger on and the energy drain isn’t apparent until you feel a sudden pressure weighing down on you as the energy that is in conflict with your energy becomes overwhelming. One needs to wind down by having some quite time to relax and move your own energies around as an energetic and psychic self-defensive measure.

As I sat down to do some self-hypnosis/meditative exercise I circulated the energy and started a countdown as the entry into the relaxation state; then I saw that the room door began to open and that someone that resembled my father came into the room. The thoughts that came into my head acknowledged to me that it was an entity or extra physical intruder posing as my father. Consciously I knew where my father is and that it is physically impossible for him to be in the physical location where I was. I knew that this extra physical intruder was attempting to get me out of the trance state. I asked the extra-physical intruder “why do you persist in trying to trick me?” As I get more spiritual attuned and energetic develop I find that the extra physical beings become deceptive. Then the door closed; after it closed I looked up at the top of the doorway frame, and I could see the extra physical intruder still in the form of my father looking into the room. I attempted to open the door using my mind, but I was not strong enough, and the door did not open. Then I saw two figures come into the room; I don’t remember what they were doing, but I had exorcized some energy to see how it would affect them; I saw that there was no effect.

After that some sort of story came into my head; it was about my brother P and a friend of mine named B. They were both locked up by the military and were shipped off to some sort of a special hospital. Then I was told that they (the military) are going to bring them back and put them in a regular jail cell. The reason why they were locked up was because they violated the rules. P goes out and brings in women into his room every night; and B was doing the same thing. After that I saw that I was attending some type of garden barbeque.

The rest of the details concerning this experience became too fragmented to make any conscious sense of it…

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