Donating Energy


Around 12:00 O’clock or a little after one O’clock, I was lying down reflection on the day’s activities that I was involved in. Being in a relaxed state I felt the condition that I was being called to come outside the body. I felt the body vibrate and upon feeling the vibration I started to circulate energy and positioned myself to allow the astral projection to take place. After I felt myself detached from the body I was flying through the air at a great speed; then I felt someone or thing jump on the right side of my back. I felt a little fear after feeling that someone or thing had attached itself onto my back; this is a sign that I may be under an extra physical attack. So I decided that I should excoriate some energy in that area to see if the condition would correct itself. Still continuing flying at the same rate of speed I felt whatever or whoever was on my back dislodged itself after a while. After it was dislodged it revealed itself to me.

I saw that there were two extra physical male beings; one was carrying the other; the one who was doing the carrying had waved to me and made a thank you gesture, then he went on his way. As I continued flying without being intruded on I came across two attack tanks.  I found that I was overturning those tanks. Then I found myself traveling with the some of the soldiers who were manning the tanks back to their headquarters (HQ) camp. The events that went on at the camp is too distorted for my recollection to make any sense of it;  but while in the camp I came across some personal that I  recognized that was in my own National Guard unit. One of them asked a question; “when did he die?”  I had exorcized some energy to him and to the others whom I had come into contact with. When I was leaving, I was told that I would be able to go through their territory without setting off the defenses. Even though I saw the defense equipment mov into position as I was passing through; there was no real conflict going on in the area. Shortly I was back into the physical body.

After pondering this experience, the extra physical carrying another extra physical being that lodged it on my back was probably a helper who was aiding a sick consciousness which was the extra physical being that he was carrying. The energy that I exorcised gave him the energy to go where he was taking the sick consciousness. Kind of like a fuel stop……

As far as interacting with the Soldiers at their HQ and recognizing former members of my National Guard unit who had passed away. I may have entered one the planes where those who have passed away go too. I’ve heard that Soldiers are often restless and continue to engage in warfare after they are killed in action. The exception in this experience is that the member of my unit that I saw who died was not killed in action during combat. They passed away as civilians for one reason or another which had nothing to do with the military.  Could it be that once a Soldier always a Soldier and on the astral plane after they leave the physical will engage in activity that Soldiers do regardless of the circumstances of their passing.

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