Group Energy Movement

group energy

Continuing with my association with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) organization where they helped me put meaning to a lot of phenome and unanswered questions what was happening as I became aware of spirituality development and psychic self-defensive. This weekend the President and chief instructor Wagner Alegretti and his life partner Nanci  Trivellato  who is also one of the IAC’s senior instructor was in town conducting some training. Since thete are two of the IAC’s top senior instructors and they travel from city to cit in North America, Europe and Brazil there were more people then usual attending this training session.  At the beginning of the class, Nanci and Wagner lead the class in performing basic movement of energy (BME). First we exorcised the energy and after that we performed the movement until  the vibrational state was reached.

While performing the BME along with the rest of the individuals in the class I started to hear voices; also the perimeters of the room gradually started changing. I saw that a doorway appeared next to me. I heard noise coming from the room that was through the door way. The noise sounded like a tapping sound like an echo in a tunnel or in an echo chamber.  Then I heard individuals in the class started to click their thumbs. I wondered why? I noticed directly in front of me there were two people occupying the chairs; I thought the people occupying the chairs were also part of the class, however they wasn’t. I also saw that there were children occupying the other chairs that were in front of me.  One of the chairs had an adult who had a child sitting in his lap. It seemed like the children wanted to go to the bathroom. The children moved towards the side of the chair where I was sitting. They opened a door directly in my rear; when the door was opened the door had slightly moved my chair. I said to myself that these children do not have any manners. Can’t they see that the door is moving my chair? I looked over to my left and leaned over to take a look to see what was in that room. I put my hand through the doorway, and I felt a cool breeze, then I began to notice that the people in the class room were starting to walk out. There were now at least three people left in the room. I said to myself that Nanci and Wagner must be permitting us to take a break after we reach the vibrational state; maybe that’s why they are walking out.

Then I realized that the people I saw were extra physical, and that the room where I was sitting was also extra physical (one of the First time I recognized this before the experience was over). Then I heard Nanci’s voice tell us to start coming back; then the whole perimeters of the room changed back and the individuals attending the class reappeared.

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