Linden Hotel

linden inn

It was during the afternoon when I left the Armory during drills to make a phone call. I decided to do the self-hypnosis meditation exercise before I returned to the Armory. I sat down in the recliner and went through the motions. First performed the deep breathing to get the body a bit more relaxed; after that I closed the eyes and counted down; while I was counting down I could hear something like a plastic paper being dropped on the floor; then gradually I felt as though I was being pushed. I was propelled from the chair towards the apartment’s front door. When I reached the front door, it resembled how it I described it previously in the dream journal.  I found that I could not go through the front door; I was just standing looking at the front of the door;  my thoughts in my mind was to think how could I get the door open in my astral state? Then the door flew open obeying my thoughts; when the door opened I was pushed out through the door. When I went through the door I went down the stairs to the building’s lobby. When I was in the lobby I saw two women, they were dressed in summer clothes even though the winter weather is too cold for summer clothes. The women had on shorts, and a tank top and they were hugging each other. The next thing that happened was not clear; either they wanted me to take them somewhere or I wanted to take them somewhere. Each of them took an arm and I was walking with them hand in hand. Then the women turned into rubber dummies or statutes. I put them in the car. When I got out of the parking spot and before going through the intersection there was a big green garbage truck blocking the intersection. I had to go around it; I almost didn’t make it. I was driving along a busy thoroughfare that resembled Atlantic Ave/South Conduit passing from Brooklyn into Queens then I pulled into a parking lot of a hotel. The hotel resembled The Linden Hotel on South Conduit. I took the two women out of the car, they were still were dummies. While I was taking the two women in dummy form into the Hotel I walked pasted another woman. It seemed that I might have known her because I stopped and suggested to her that we should start another relationship. However the woman made it clear that she did not want to have to have another relationship. She just wanted to go her separate way. After that I was in the lobby of the hotel, being that the two women whom I took to the hotel. They still appeared as dummies; I did not bother getting a room, I left the two dummy women in the lobby and I went into the parking lot; at that point there is no conscious memory what took place after I was in the parking lot….

I cannot make any sense of this experience; however I had recognized that it could have been linked to the experience that happened in Perception because the front door of the apartment  exactly the same. Or it could be some consistency on how the door appeared in the astral plane.. This experience was mostly me driving in the car, I observed myself in the car, and also I participated in driving the car. This appeared to be more of a dream then an astral projection. The variations are that while astral projected events is generally in the first person which means I would be participation and seeing things through how I would see it through my eyes.  While in the dream state events could be in the first person or third person (observing the events as well as observing myself participate in events) or a combination of both. It is also possible that the experience started out as an astral projection but at some point the brain waves transitioned frequency and I entered into the dream state.

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